Aug 26


3 New Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Old Windows

There’s one question you’ll be left with when you replace your home’s windows: “What do I do with the old ones?” Now that you’re enjoying new energy-efficient and better-looking windows, you have an opportunity to come up with some creative ways to upcycle your old ones. Although it may not appear that there’s much you can do, old windows can easily be converted into works of art or furniture for your home. The following are just some unique ways to upcycle old windows and give your home a new look. 1. Turn Old Windows Into Art With just a few…

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Aug 12


Barn Doors for Interior Decor: A Passing Fad or a Worthwhile Investment?

If you’re looking to renovate the doors in your home, you’ve probably noticed that there are many options to choose from. This makes it difficult to know which styles and features work best. Source: Barn doors are a new design being used by homeowners to create a unique and modern look. Is this a worthwhile investment or just a passing fad? The following will give you all the details on this new design trend and how to make it work for you. Why Use Barn Doors Inside? Barn doors might seem like an unlikely option for indoor use. It’s a…

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Aug 5


Window Replacement: 4 Commonly Committed Mistakes

Replacement windows are a great investment in maintaining the value of your home and enhancing its efficiency. Many homeowners choose to replace their own windows instead of hiring a professional service company. Although this might save you money in the short term, making common window replacement mistakes can end up costing you more than you bargained for. Here are 4 commonly committed window replacement mistakes to be aware of. 1. Going Cheap If you’re going to replace your home’s windows, it makes sense to use high-quality materials. If you base your window replacement decisions on price alone, you might be…

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