Nov 25


4 Ways To Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home

There are a variety of ways to introduce sunlight into a home that doesn’t get much sunlight, and much of it depends on your surroundings and budget. Sometimes you just need to take the plunge in order to make your home better and improve your life, as the amount of sunlight that you’re exposed to has a significant influence on your well being. Mirrors and Glass Mirrors reflect light, but they can also draw attention to the amount of shadow in a room, so its placement is key to making the trick work. A good rule of thumb is to…

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Nov 20


Create Your Own Top-Down Blinds

Top down blinds work in the opposite way of typical blinds — instead of revealing the scenery shown by your windows from the bottom up as you pull the cord, the top is pulled back first as the blind works its way to the bottom. Usually top-down blinds are special ordered because it’s not commonly sought after, but here we give you the instructions in order to save you expense. The best part about top-down blinds is that you get the maximum amount of sunlight while preserving your privacy. Materials list: Temporary shades with an adhesive strip on one side,…

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Nov 12


What Are The Benefits Of An Energy Star Window?

Windows are important features of any home. They allow you to control the natural lighting and temperature inside your home, while providing visibility to the surrounding environment. Not all windows are created equally, however. Poor-quality windows can lower your home’s energy-efficiency and safety. That’s why choosing an Energy Star window can provide you with a number of benefits that traditional windows won’t. What is Energy Star? Windows that are Energy Star certified have been tested to ensure that they minimize heat loss and air leakage. Energy Star is a certifying organization that helps consumers determine which products provide the greatest…

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