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Linea Doors


The Linea door is inspired by modern European designs. It features simple lines that will give your entrance a contemporary look. A Linea steel door is sure to make your home stand out. Choose from an array of colours, window styles and Low-E Argon glass options.

The various glass options will blend seamlessly with the modern styling of these entrance doors. The modern profile of our new contemporary door frame adds to the beauty of our Design Collection steel entrance doors. Combine the Linea with the Lounge glass option and curved window aperture (default picture) for an exciting look, or go with the rectangular aperture and satin or diamond glass for exquisite simplicity.

Alternate Configurations

Linea Steel Door
Linea Furniture Door
Linea Design Doors

Mundo Doors


Evoking an exotic and welcoming feel, the Mundo is a steel door that brings the far reaches of the world right to your home. Inspired by the European wood door, this contemporary style bridges the gap between aesthetics and function with its array of configurations and solid construction.

Choose a distinction satin model for a calm, smooth appearance or get excited and modern with the alys model. Select from configurations to match the glass, and you will be satisfied to walk in your front door every time. With the endless combinations available, the hardest part will be choice.

Alternate Configurations

Mundo Steel Door
Mundo Design Doors
Modern Mundo Doors

Oso Doors


The attractive Oso design is a cutting-edge style that brings your front door to the forefront of attention. Match glass and a modern frame, and you have a beautiful, bold look that will not be easily forgotten.

The wide range of glass available and colors speaks volumes for your home. Choose between thermoformed or diamond glass for that contemporary look and privacy. Select from classic or modern hardware to combine centuries of style to customize your front door.

Alternate Configurations

Oso Design Doors
Mundo Front Door
uno Doors


The Uno design offers many glass configurations to create a unique door. The simple, yet original design declares its presence in the most natural of ways, for those who prefer a minimalist approach.

Combine the Uno door with various glass styles and colors to fit your specifications. Select diamond glass for a textured look or move into comfort with the smooth transit model. Each glass configuration comes in varied shapes and sizes, so there is sure to be something that fits in your doorway.

Alternate Configurations

Uno Glass Doors
Modern Uno Doors
Uno Unique Doors
Urbano Doors


The Urbano door leads in a market striving to keep up. This door provides a modern, comfortable feel that makes you glad to come home. This simple design requires little to create a personality all its own. Add panels on both sides and your choice of glass for your personal configuration.

Choose from nine types of glass available, such as cachet, distinction satin, cosmopolitain, thermoformed and more. Add cachet side panels for a bold, defined look, transit glass for a decorous appearance or alys glass to match the door's modern edge. Not only is it modern in design, but the ENERGY STAR and HCFC free rating makes it a modern idea.

Alternate Configurations

Modern Urbano Doors
Urbano Steel Doors
Urbano Paneled Doors
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