Choose your window glass

Every style of vinyl window by Clera is engineered to accept sealed glass units with optimum air spaces (the amount of space between the 2 panes of glass) for the highest possible energy efficiency. We produce our own sealed glass units using Hydraglass 50 warm edge technology on Super Spacer® platform. Independent laboratory testing by CSA proves that Clera windows are among the very best available on the market today.

Clera Insulated Glass Benefits

  • Highest possible energy efficiency with Clera's own pane sealed glass units use Hydraglass 50 warm edge technology on Super Spacer® platform.
  • Durable glazing technique.
  • Larger window area.
  • Meets ENERGY STAR® requirements.
  • Laboratory proven.
  • Participant in the IGMAC certification program.
  • Lifetime warranty on sealed glass units.

Specialty Glass

We offer a range of tinted and patterned glass for privacy or a dramatic look.

  • Pinhead Window GlassPinhead
  • Glue Chip Replacement Window GlassGlue Chip
  • Altdeutsch Vinyl Window GlassAltdeutsch
  • Arctic Glass Replacement WindowsArctic
  • Artista Replacement GlassArtista
  • Chinese Glue Chip Window GlassChinese Glue Chip
  • Granite Vinyl Window GlassGranite
  • Rainwater Glass Replacement WindowsRainwater
  • Reeded GlassReeded
  • Vecchio Window GlassVecchio
  • Baroque Replacement Window GlassBaroque
  • Crystal Ice Sparkolite GlassCrystal Ice Sparkolite
  • Gothic GlassGothic
  • Ontario Listral GlassListral
  • Reduced Window GlassReduced
  • Silvit Glass for House WindowsSilvit
  • Waterglass Window GlassWaterglass

Grill Options

Decorative grills are either placed between the two panes of glass or on the exterior depending on the desired overall look. Our external grills are made of uPVC and can be matched to the exterior colour of your new vinyl windows for an integrated look. Our leaded grills are permanently mounted onto the surface of the glass to replicate the timeless look of traditional leaded glass lites. Add character to your home with any of these classic looks.

  • Colonial GrillsColonial Grills
  • Pencil Vinyl Window GrillsPencil Grills
  • Pewter Replacement GrillsPewter Grills
  • Georgian Grills TorontoGeorgian Grills
  • Leaded Window GrillsLeaded Grills

Glass Options:

We offer a number of glass options in our vinyl windows for greater comfort and ease if use .

Low E glass: A special coating is applied to improve energy efficiency. It has a low U-value measurement coupled with a very high solar heat gain co-efficient.

Argon gas: Argon gas, denser than air, is used to fill the space between the glass panes. The result is dramatically increased insulation values. The gas is inert, colourless and odourless.

Easy-clean glass: A special coating, the same used on glass panels for solar cells, is applied to clear float glass so rain sheets off, leaving cleaner glass. It lasts the entire life of the glass.