Vinyl Awning Windows

  • Swings out from the bottom, letting in fresh air, even when it’s raining.
  • Uninterrupted glass area provides an aesthetically pleasing view.
  • Hydraglass 50™ warm edge technology on Super Spacer® platform.
  • Vinyl Awning Windows
  • Full screen with overlapping frame or available with optional retractable screen. This is a great feature which eliminates having to look through a screen when you really want a view of the great outdoors.
  • Foldaway handles can be moved out of the way of blinds and drapes.
  • Wet glazed with co-extruded exterior seal for maximum leak protection and structural integrity.
  • Compression weather stripping for a virtually impenetrable seal.
  • Concealed drainage system.
  • Built-in accessory groove.

Energy Star® Approved

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