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Bay Windows and Bow Windows

Bay and Bow Windows
  • Bay and bow vinyl windows visually enlarge a room by providing a wider field of view.
  • Bay windows add character, dimension and depth, and provide a focal point.
  • Hydraglass 50 warm edge technology on Super Spacer® platform.
  • Built-in accessory groove.
  • A bay window is typically a 3 panel window which generally projects out from 18 to 30” from the interior wall surface.
  • The end units are usually casement style windows and the centre lite is usually fixed.
  • A bow window is usually less angular (more curved) in appearance and comprised of 4 or 5 windows mulled together.
  • Again, the end units are usually casement style windows and the 2 or 3 centre lites fixed.
  • The advantage of bay and bow windows is that the make a room appear much larger than it really is because they protrude into the outdoors and bring in a lot of natural light via the high percentage of glass area that they contain.
  • They can also provide increased living area and add architectural and aesthetic appeal to a room.
  • Proper installation of bay and bow windows is key. Improperly supported and flashed bays and bows can sag and leak, causing water and mould issues. Moreover, if the head and seat are not insulated sufficiently, these windows can be a real cold spot in a room.
  • Any options that are available on any of our regular window styles can be applied to bay and bow windows, such as painted exteriors and decorative glass options.

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