Double or Single Slider Tilt Vinyl Windows

Window Double or Single Slider Tilt Vinyl Windows

  • Ideal for locations where an out-swinging window would interfere with landscaping, walkways, patios or decks.
  • Available in a single slider style with one fixed and one operating sash.
  • Both sashes smoothly slide horizontally and tilt in for easy cleaning of the exterior panes.
  • Hydraglass 50™ warm edge technology on Super Spacer® platform.
  • Drainage flaps keep both insects and wind out.
  • Recessed finger latches. Clean, neat appearance.
  • Locking pivot shoe keeps sashes in place.
  • Dual interlocking meeting rails between the sashes — the ultimate in protection from the elements.
  • Full screen with overlapping frame.
  • Built-in safety latches for extra security and peace of mind. (Optional)
  • Double-walled, full length integrated pull-rail. Can't break off.
  • Built-in accessory groove.
  • Double Slider Lift Out is ideal for locations where egress capabilities from the window are desired.

Energy Star® Approved

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