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5 Ways to Save Money On Your Energy Bills

Those pesky energy bills. Who needs heat and water anyway? Okay, maybe it is a necessity of life and maybe our utility bill is something we simply can’t run from, but maybe, just maybe we can take extra measures in our home to try and minimize the money we have…
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Projects You Can Do To Add Instant Value To Your Home

Whether you just bought a home or you’re looking to future and thinking about selling your current home, there’s plenty of reason to want to tackle some home improvement projects to add value to your home. We’ve all been there and we understand that once you get those ideas flowing…
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5 Cost-effective Ways to Renovate Your Home This Spring

The desire for change and constant improvement is part of human nature, especially for those who have a natural knack for style. It’s no wonder we’re conditioned this way, just as we begin settling in with the latest trends, the seasons continue revolving and so does our idea of “what’s…
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Choosing The Best Bathroom Window Design

At first the idea of renovating your bathroom seemed like the more simpler task amongst all the other rooms in the home until, you got down to the nitty gritty details. Even though it’s a smaller space, it definitely reaps just as much potential as any other room. There’s a…
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