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How To Replace a Window Screen

Window screens are used to keep dirt, debris, and insects from entering the home when the window is open for ventilation. The window screen also provides another layer of protection to keep objects or sometimes even people from falling out of the window when the window is open. Although this…
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3 Stunning Windows For Your Master Bathroom

Bathrooms have surely evolved over the decades. If you could remember the old-fashion outdoor privy dated back in the 1800’s and compare it to how we live now with sensored flushing mechanisms. Some bathrooms now are so beautiful you could practically live out of them. The bathroom is no longer…
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DIY Spring Door Decoration and Wreath Ideas

Celebrate Spring by decorating your door with the bright colours of the season and create a joyful impression on your guests. Spring decor is all about refreshing pastel colours, rustic decor, and incorporating elements of nature such as wood, florals, and greenery. The great thing about Spring decorations is that…
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5 Ways to Save Money On Your Energy Bills

Those pesky energy bills. Who needs heat and water anyway? Okay, maybe it is a necessity of life and maybe our utility bill is something we simply can’t run from, but maybe, just maybe we can take extra measures in our home to try and minimize the money we have…
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