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Choosing The Right Patio Doors For Your Home

If you are looking to make a home improvement by changing, replacing, or upgrading your patio doors, you will likely look for options that provide you with convenient access, maximizes space, embraces natural light, and protects your home. Often times, it can seen impossible to find a company that meets…
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What Is The Best Material For My Front Door?

Entry doors are frequently used all throughout the home, whether it be on the front, side, or on the back. However, it is undeniable that the front door demands the most attention when standing or passing by on the street, meaning it also demands the most attention when your home…
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How To Prevent Condensation on Windows

As the weather in Southern Ontario continues to wind down with the approach of winter, homeowners may begin growing concerned with the amount of frost and condensation that can start appearing on their windows at home. The accumulation of condensation not only influences the temperature on the inside of your…
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4 Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Guest Bathroom

The holiday season is fast approaching and it may just be your turn to host Thanksgiving this year. Family and friends will be visiting from out of town and as much as you’re looking forward to seeing everyone, you’re probably not looking forward to the preparation as much. The to-do…
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Are Smart Home Locks Really Secure?

Like most basic daily functions, there’s now a smart way to secure and access your home with a smart home lock that could be installed on your front entryway door. Whether you like the idea and ease of keyless entry or need the convenience of being able to grant access…
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Autumn Interior Decorating Trends for 2018

The great thing about Canadian living is the ability for families and homeowners to accommodate to seasonal trends. It seems that every few months, we’re being inspired by new interior design trends that coincide with the changes in weather or an upcoming special holiday. Like say in Autumn, we go…
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