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Learn how to care for and maintain your windows and doors through our blog! We cover a wide variety of topics, from general window maintenance and treatments, to fun DIY-projects, you’ll find everything you need to become an expert in vinyl windows and entry doors.

How to Increase Natural Light

With summertime officially here, that means the sun will be shining brightly for the next few months. Natural light is the key to making your home feel brighter and more open, not to mention the positive effects it has on your mental wellbeing and health. There is so much you…
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How to Maintain Your Windows

Good window maintenance is a key part of responsible homeownership. There are several things that you should be doing throughout the year to ensure that your windows are in their best condition. Here are our 5 tips for maintaining your replacement windows in Toronto. Inspect Your Windows Regularly Performing regular…
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What’s the Right Front Door for Your Home?

A well-designed door is the simplest way of adding a fun design moment to your home’s exterior. After all, your front door is the first impression many people will have of your home. Luckily, there are a wide variety of styles that you can choose from. Figure out which replacement…
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Is a Wood Door the Right Choice for You?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to figure out what new front door style you want to get when replacing your old one. There’s plenty of looks, colour and materials to choose from. When you start looking in wooden doors it can feel like you are left with more…
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Which Windows Are Best For Natural Ventilation?

For homeowners, properly ventilating a space is incredibly important! Natural ventilation can help to get the scent of burnt toast out of your home before the smoke alarm goes off, or simply give your home an airy, breezy feel. Choosing the right style of window can maximize the amount of…
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