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3 Ways To Increase Your Front Door Security

For most people living in or moving into their forever-home, reinforcing security is a top priority.

Keeping your house secure ensures that kids, pets and valuables all remain safe so you can have peace of mind. For that reason, securing your front door is arguably the most important area of your home to maintain!

When it comes to entry doors in Toronto, Clera Windows and Doors has got you covered. We’ve pinpointed 3 ways to maximize your front door security.

A home with a new entry door in Toronto from Clera Windows and Doors

Install Storm Doors

What’s better than a strong front door? A door in front of the door!

First and foremost, storm doors provide an additional layer of security to your home (along with many other benefits). By installing a screen door ahead of your front door, you are essentially building a second barrier to entry, reducing the chances of unwanted visitors.

Storm doors also act as a secondary buffer to outside elements. This means that in the cold Canadian winters, you can open your front door without getting gusts of snow and wind indoors. On top of that, storm doors operate as insulators, keeping warm or cold air indoors, and preventing air leakage. As a result, storm doors often maximizes energy efficiency and can cut down on heating or cooling system costs.

If you choose to purchase a storm door and customize it with large glass panelling, using energy star glass can further maximize energy efficiency while illuminating your home. Clera windows offer a wide variety of products with energy star rated glass to ensure our consumers get the high quality they deserve.

Every energy star rated product has passed a series of screenings and energy efficiency tests. For those with pets or young children that may want to see the outside without world without actually going out, storm doors are ideal.

Lastly, storm doors take the first hit when it comes to dirt, wind and other external elements—saving your entry doors in the process. As a result, with the addition of storm doors, you’ll save on maintenance costs on your entry doors in Toronto and keep it in pristine condition with zero effort!

Install Security Locks

This tip may be obvious, but adding security locks to all of your entry doors in Toronto can enhance your home security immensely.

Rather than the traditional lock and key method, there are now all kinds of technological locks, from pin pads to voice activated locks to even facial recognition. Try to seek out an option that fits your personal needs and budget best, and you’ll be good to go!

Choose The Right Material For You

Finding a strong and durable entry door material can make all the difference in securing your home. At Clera Windows, security is a prime concern and we only offer door materials that we believe are safe for any home. Two security-enhancing materials in particular are fibreglass and wood.

Due to durability, customizability and flexibility, fibreglass doors are a great option for those seeking a secure entry doors in Toronto. Compared to other door materials, fibreglass is superior with impressive resistance to damage. As a result, scratches and dents are rare with style of door, creating a strong barrier to unwanted or forced entry. At Clera Windows and Doors, every door is made with a thick gauge steel door skin, creating optimum resistance to noise and weather while maximizing security. We understand that some may worry that glass is easier to break than traditional door materials like wood and steel. It’s actually the reverse— fibreglass doors are reinforced with solid layers of insulation between glass panels, making them thicker than the average door!

Wood has been a standard door material for centuries, and for good reason. Solid wood doors maximize security as the material is difficult to penetrate. If you’re looking for a classic wood entry door in Toronto to complete your abode, Clera Windows and Doors offer a wide selection of wood doors fit for any home!

Here at Clera Windows and Doors all of our products are constructed using steel or pine wood, with uPVC frames to maximize durability, efficiency and ultimately security. We make all of our products in-house to ensure our customers get the best quality available at factory cost. On top of that, we offer a comprehensive warranty with a non prorated, transferable lifetime warranty on all components. You’ll never have to pay for a replacement part! Contact us today to learn more about how you can increase your front door security, and we’ll happily guide you through the process.

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