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4 Easy Summer Colour Palettes For Your Home Decor

Summer inspires new ideas and trends for your home. After a long and dreary winter, it’s natural to want to give your home and lifestyle an instant refresh. Oftentimes, the colours we choose to saturate ourselves in each day are a direct reflection of our mood. Our moods being swayed by the effects of mother nature and everyday living. Here are four easy summer colour palettes that can be incorporated into your home decor, inspired to be evoke cheer and well-being this season:

Nature-inspired Neutrals

The beauty of nature is truly timeless. Incorporating the effects of the outdoors into your interior elements with weathered wood against pure neutrals provides a rather organic feel. The nature-inspired neutral palette consists of linen, soft greys, beige, soft hues of blue, and hints of greenery. It inspired homeliness and is soothing for the soul.

A custom modern wood exterior door is warm and inviting for all your guests. Hang a wreath of summer florals for a simple, yet highly modern aesthetic for your home. A gorgeous wood-finished entryway door can give your home a sense of old-world charm and finesse.

Crisp White

Inspired by the soft and dreamy sight of clean linens hanging outside along a clothesline, gently swaying in the summer breeze. Just the simple thought of it just embraces that perfect aura of summer. The warm air entangled in the rays of sun, slowly drying the dampened cloth allowing it to turn light as a feather. Bring the cleanliness of fresh crisp white into any room starting with a white backdrop against neutral toned furnishings. Then add hints of accents colours to your carefully selected decor pieces to create a monochromatic, minimalist effect that is both highly modern and sophisticated.

Golden Child

Not that we need a mood-lifter in the midst of summer, but the golden child shade of yellow is certainly one of the instant mood-lifting colours. How do you not feel bright and uplifting in a room that has pops of golden yellow? Incorporate this bright and cheery colour into the room with perhaps a vase, throw pillows, or even creating an accent wall in the front entryway of your home. You can get away with using fun colours like these in family living areas or the kitchen where most of the entertaining happens.

Misty Grey

Bringing it back to the soft and delicate shades, misty grey is highly modern, cool, yet warm and inviting. Similar to the nature-inspired colour palette, it is timeless. You won’t have any troubles transitioning this colour into your Fall and Winter palettes once the seasons change, which it makes it a budget-friendly choice. It’s a colour you can live with in all seasons and moods.

Regardless of your choice of summer colours, your home’s best feature is the ability to let the fresh air and natural light in. Consider your current windows and how will they are working to provide you comfort and security each day. If it’s time to consider upgrading your home’s value and aesthetic, contact a Clera WIndows and Doors expert near you to set up a free consultation 1 888-738-0738.

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