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4 Window Treatments For The Perfect Sunny Bedroom

The second worse thing after a perpetually dark cold room, is a perpetually sunny hot room. Trying to find the right balance of shade and energy efficiency to make the best use of both the light and the heat can be a chore, especially in the hot summer months, if the sun bedroom faces the sun. If you are considering a window treatment for your bedroom to make the most of the sun and its rays, below are some window treatments for the perfect sunny bedroom as well as some design tips to help you make the most of your bedroom’s natural light.

Room-darkening curtains. These curtains not only control the amount of sun that comes into your bedroom, but the amount of heat as well. On a sweltering summer day, room darkening curtains can help keep a room cool by blocking out the sun when it’s at its strongest, in addition to keeping it out of your eyes on those early mornings when you’re trying to sleep in.

Shutters. Shutter windows can be pricier than room-darkening curtains, but they are generally more aesthetically pleasing. They are just as adept at regulating the amount of sun that comes into your bedroom, can add resale value to your home, but typically carry with them a more involved installation process, meaning that installation experts often need to be consulted.

Blinds. Blinds are the traditional window treatment for keeping the harsh afternoon sun at bay. They come in a wide range of colours and thicknesses, with opaque blinds better suited for keeping out the harsh sun of the late afternoon and trapping cool air in your bedroom. Blinds can be opened and closed in increments so they give you more control over exactly how much sun you are letting in.

Window film. Low-E window films are great ways to increase your window’s insulation value; they also help extend the life of the furniture in your bedroom by reducing the amount of UV rays that filter through your window, which can damage and fade paint and finishing on bedroom furniture.

In addition to regulating the sun your bedroom receives through the use of window treatments, below are some helpful decorating tips to help you maximize sunlight distribution in your bedroom, particularly if your room does not receive a lot of natural light.

Mirrors. Placing a mirror on a wall or adjacent to a window allows the mirror to mimic the window, making it appear as though you have more windows in the wall. When placed opposite, the mirror will reflect both the light and the view from the window.

Reflective surfaces. Reflective surfaces, such as a back-painted glass backsplash, are great at bouncing light around and can give a bedroom the impression of being better lit with natural light than it actually is when windows are small or awkwardly placed.

Contrast the ceilings and the walls. A flat white ceiling is best if your walls are white, but if your walls are dark, it is a better idea to go with a lighter colour on the ceiling. Matte paint, while not reflective, is a good choice for reflecting sunlight.

Keep the room clean. Keeping your fixtures, treatments and windows clean will go along way to maximizing the amount of natural light that enters your bedroom and the way in which it is distributed. Dusty and dirty windows are going to block natural light, so keeping them clear and grime-free is a must if your bedroom already doesn’t receive as much sunlight as you would like.

Add or remove a window. This seems like it would go without saying, but many people simply accept their bedroom as is when they move in and don’t consider the opportunity to make this significant, but easy to execute functional change to the room. If your bedroom only has one small window, consider expanding it, or adding an additional window to let in more light. If you feel that your room is getting too much sun, subtracting a window may be a better look than purchasing another heavy window treatment. This way you can opt for a less heavy-duty window treatment for your existing window and purchase something less intrusive and more stylish.

Many people strive to maximize the amount of light and sun that their bedroom gets because a bright room tends to be better for our mood and emotions. However, a bedroom that receives direct, uncontrolled sun exposure all day, every day—especially during the hot and sunny summer months—can quickly become unbearably hot, as well as unbearably bright, which makes it hard to relax and enjoy being in your bedroom. If you are considering taking measures to regulate exactly how much sun your bedroom receives, keep the above window treatment options in mind and ensure that your bedroom is comfortable.

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