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5 Best Window Treatments For Your Living Room

Window treatments can transform your living room space. They can be used to enhance the area and welcome guests to the home with a unique style that offers vibrant appeal. But if you have limited experience in selecting window treatments, the options available on the marketplace can make your choices confusing and difficult to make. And so within this latest article we’re taking a look at five of the best window treatments for your living room space.

  1. Choose High Mounted Treatments for High CeilingsWindow treatments that are mounted high above the window space can be used to draw attention to high ceilings within a living room area, giving the impression of a greater amount of space. Within living rooms with high ceilings, woven shades and flower panels are considered ideal treatment choices, as they enhance the feeling of openness.
  2. Café Curtains Offer a Fresh Look in a Monochrome SpaceIn living room areas where one colour is dominant over all others, homeowners can use window treatments to add a splash of unique colour to the space. For example, many property owners use unique café curtains with refined patterning for their living room spaces. This brings the eye to the outdoor areas and helps bring energy to the living room.
  3. White Shutters Assure Low Maintenance PerformanceBusy families often seek out low maintenance treatments for their living room areas. Options such as white shutters are ideal in this regard as they can offer lasting performance without having to be dry cleaned or washed throughout the year. White shutters are the perfect window treatment for living rooms in beach homes and countryside properties.
  4. Chevron Stripes Provide a Fuller Decorative AppealFor homeowners seeking a substantial treatment that blends seamlessly within their current décor, chevron striped materials are a preferred choice. The chevron pattern allows less material to be used within the curtain while still helping to maintain a classic décor style.
  5. Blend Shades and Draperies to Enhance Smaller SpacesSmaller living room spaces can be upgraded by blending both shades and draperies on the window areas. Draperies with solid colours can be used to balance with more colourful patterned shades and ensure a vibrant appeal within the modern living room.

There’s a unique window treatment style for every home! To learn more on window treatment options for your property, speak with our expert team today!

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