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6 Things To Look For In An Exterior Home Door

Your home door tells visitors a lot about you. It shows how well maintained you keep your home and highlights your personal style. And so, as a homeowner, it’s important that you carefully consider your choice of home door.

In this article, we’ll highlight six things to look for in your choice of exterior home door.

  1. Durability Should be a Leading Consideration
    When integrating a new door in your home, the material’s durability should be prioritized during the selection process. Steel is one of the leading material options for durable doors. Stronger than wood, steel doors can resist cracking and warping and ensure that your front door retails its appeal over many years.However, not all homes suit such a modern look! Luckily there is a wide variety of sturdy and dependable wood and fiberglass alternatives.
  2. Consider Energy-Efficiency
    Having an energy-efficient door will result in significant savings over time. This can be accomplished by several different means, the first of which is by selecting a door with multiple glass panes, which will reduce the flow of heat. The core material of the door is also important, with fiberglass and steel with polyurethane core among the most energy-efficient.In addition, an easy indicator of energy-efficiency is the door’s R-Value, which is a measure of thermal resistance. Look for an R-Value of 5 or 6. Lastly, always ensure that your front door is certified by Energy Star, which is great for both your wallet and the environment. For more information on Energy Star, click here.
  3. Choose Low Maintenance Products
    Maintenance is another important consideration when selecting a new front door for your home. Where some materials might require comprehensive repair and cleaning, high performance steel products are designed to be low maintenance, as dings and dents can easily be removed from the surface. Fiberglass products are another excellent choice for those who live in harsh climates, as they combine low maintenance performance with exceptional insulation.However for those who don’t live in areas with overly harsh weather conditions, this doesn’t have to be a big factor in your decision making process.
  4. Consider Weatherproofing
    All doors built for the Canadian climate should have some form of weather proofing, but still, not all products are created equal. It’s important to carefully review the product quality and to ensure they help prevent moisture intrusion within the home.Check door sealing components and analyze whether the door has the structural quality to assure optimal warmth retention in the winter, and vice versa for the summer.
  5. Review the Security Features
    Regardless of the material you choose for your door, it’s important that the product offers a tight fit into the frame. This will help keep the door secure against break-ins and possible home damage. Your home doors should also come replete with expertly-designed and intuitive-to-use locks that will prevent unauthorized entry to your property.
  6. Choose a Specialist that Offers a Comprehensive Range of Options
    When shopping for a new front door for your property, it’s important to work with a specialist that offers a wide range of options in terms of both material and style. Choosing a Canadian manufacturer can also help ensure you find the requisite product for the local environment.

By taking into consideration each of the elements highlighted in this article, you can find a high quality front door that blends seamlessly within your home. Speak with one of our trusted specialists today to learn more about the door styles available for your home.

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