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A Solid Front Door is the #1 Defense in Home Security

A solid front door is not only a great insulator, but it also acts as your best bet for home security. If you still have a hollow door, it may be time to upgrade to a solid front door to get the most out of your front door and deter would-be intruders.

Knockin’ on a Hollow Door

Aren’t sure if your doors are hollow? Give them a knock and find out. Hollow doors do little for home security and should be replaced by a more solid material. The materials that are best for front doors are:

  • Fiberglass
  • A solid wood core door
  • A solid wood door
  •  Metal*

*All metal doors should have something called a ‘lock block.’ These prevent the door from being pried open from the bottom using a car jack.

These materials either are made of completely solid materials, or are fashioned in a way that they provide the maximum amount of protection in the event of a break-in.

Swingin’ Out

A door that swings outward has less potential to be broken under force. An inward swinging door has a harder time absorbing the pressure of the force.

Lock and Load

Solid doors don’t do much if they don’t have the hardware to go with them. Deadbolt locks are the most secure locking mechanisms for your door, as long as you buy a high quality lock. The bolt should be at least an inch in length. If you have deadbolts already, but they are of inferior quality or have bolts less than an inch, these should be replaced.

For that extra security, you might consider installing a deadlock. This type of lock has no key on the outside and gives an extra amount of protection when you are home. Use the same principles for buying a deadlock as you would for buying a deadbolt.


There’s a saying that goes‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.’That is the same as saying if your door hinges aren’t up to snuff, your whole door won’t be up to snuff. A hinge that has been installed on the outside of the door is the biggest security risk. If they have been installed in this way, it is vital that the door is removed and the hinges are re-installed on the inside.

Check your hinges for any wear and tear when you re-install your door. You may be better off replacing the hinges themselves for that extra security.

If you are in need of a new door, check out the solid and composite door collection from Clera Windows + Doors. You don’t have to sacrifice an inch of style for security with our extensive, elegant door product line.

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