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Adding a Classic Touch to Your Windows

Have you ever dreamed about having a house that looks like it was built by Frank Lloyd Wright? How about a house that looks like a set from Mad Men? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because to get that classic look, you need classic windows.

Classic Windows versus Modern Windows

Have you ever wished, while driving around Toronto or a similar major city, that architects would just get over the big glass building craze? As a window manufacturer, we appreciate a big tower of glass like almost no one else could, but still, does every building have to be like that? It would be nice to see just a few new high-rises go up in the old Empire or Art Deco styles.

Houses are like that too. Big clear panes of glass are great. They let tons of natural light in and great a feeling of openness. However, they are not distinctive. You can add a lot of character to your house just by adding a few classic or designer windows.

Classic and Designer

Both our “Classic” lines and “Designer” lines have the distinctive look of classic windows. However, they take a different approach to it. Our “Classic” line is based on classic aesthetics: straight lines, intricate patterns, an adherence to classic patterns and colour theory. They would fit right in as windows on a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece house. They are elegant but subdued, and do not distract from surrounding features.

By contrast, our “Designer” windows are based on bold, eye-catching fields of colour. They stand out and get noticed. Their designs involve more complex angles, so they take longer for human eyes to process. They are inspired by recent designs as well as 1960s art deco.

Both our “Classic” and our “Designer” windows come in double-hung and casement styles.

The Double Hung style is similar to the windows of the 1950s and 1960s. A double hung window is composed of two window panes, each of which can open by vertical sliding. Unlike older double hung windows, however, our double hung windows close with an airtight seal for maximum energy efficiency.

Casement windows are made of a single vertical pane. They open outwards on a horizontal hinge, like a door. Casement windows are more expensive, but also let in more fresh air in the summertime.

Classic Look, not Classic Materials

Our classic windows only look classic. Like all our windows, they are 100% high-grade vinyl. This makes them much more energy efficient than traditional windows, not to mention cheaper and more fade-resistant. They are the perfect mix of old charm and new savings.


Both our “Classic” and our “Designer” windows can be customized to suit any need. As our customer, you will have the largest possible range of options for colours, patterns, shape, and orientation.

Check out our “Classic” and “Designer” lines today! You might be surprised how beautiful they can be. We have often heard from customers that they never had a window of their dreams, until they saw the kind of windows we can make.



  • That’s really interesting. Thanks for posting all the great information! Had never thought of it all that way before.

  • Avatar for Robocop Robocop says:

    I love the classic look! I get sick and tired of seeing the same ol same ol. Shiny metal and large glass skyscrapers are not for me. I prefer the traditional look, so its nice to see that Clera can work with that.

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