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Create Your Own Top-Down Blinds

Top down blinds work in the opposite way of typical blinds — instead of revealing the scenery shown by your windows from the bottom up as you pull the cord, the top is pulled back first as the blind works its way to the bottom. Usually top-down blinds are special ordered because it’s not commonly sought after, but here we give you the instructions in order to save you expense. The best part about top-down blinds is that you get the maximum amount of sunlight while preserving your privacy.

Materials list:

  • Temporary shades with an adhesive strip on one side, such as Redi Shades
  • Disposable blinds
  • Brackets for the blinds
  • Fishing wire
  • Two screws
  • Screwdriver, measuring tape, workbench, and scissors or cutting knife

Preparing the Shades

Step 1 – Measure your window and buy the appropriate sized disposable blinds and temporary shades.

Step 2 – Take your disposable blinds, make sure the blinds are fully drawn, and remove the plastic studs at the bottoms of the blinds.

Step 3 – Untie the knot at the bottom of the strings on both sides.

Step 4 – Cut the strings at the top of the ladder on both sides.

Step 5 – Slide the bottom bar out, and now you should have 3 distinct pieces; the top of the blind, the bottom of the blind, and the slats. Keep everything but the slats.

Step 6 – Peel back the adhesive and carefully stick it onto the bottom bar from the blinds, making sure that you center the blinds to the bar. You can also fill the bottom bar with something heavy to make sure the temporary shades will hang properly. If you are unsure of the stickiness of the adhesive, use a hot glue gun to add extra support, so that it will last a long time.

Setting up the Blinds

Step 7 – Install the brackets above the windows so that the blinds will fit snugly into the plastic holders.

Step 8 – Slide the top of the shades into the plastic brackets.

Step 9 – Run fishing wire through the holes at the top of the blinds and attach them to the corners of the window sills using screws. Use the screwdriver to turn the screws and tie the ends of the fishing wire tightly around the heads of the screws.

The results should let enough light in during the day, while giving you a glimpse into the trees and sky without having the adjust the blinds.

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