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Autumn Interior Decorating Trends for 2018

The great thing about Canadian living is the ability for families and homeowners to accommodate to seasonal trends. It seems that every few months, we’re being inspired by new interior design trends that coincide with the changes in weather or an upcoming special holiday. Like say in Autumn, we go from warm sunny days to cool breezy nights wrapped up in denim coats, flannel shirts, and warm knit socks. The harvest season is tied in together with Thanksgiving and brings in bold, yet warm shades of orange and red foliage that decorate yards and walkways everywhere. While mealtime in Autumn always feel so wholesome with hints of cinnamon in both sweet and savoury foods. Soon after comes Halloween and the world around us goes from country-inspired to totally spooky!

With seasonal trends changing so quickly, it can be challenging to keep your interior inspiration afloat. Most of us would simply turn to Pinterest for inspiration and interior design ideas, but lately it can be so over saturated with random content and you’re left to sift through way more inspiration than you can handle. Scrolling through hundreds of interior design ideas on Pinterest, you may just end up with too many random ideas you grouped together and they may of looked great in one singular photo on Pinterest, but not so great when thrown into your unique living space. That’s what some people would call a Pinterest FAIL.

To simplify your interior design thought process this Fall, you can always rely on the latest fashion trends that have been dominating the catwalk and translate it into interior for your home in ways of fabric, textures, shapes, colours, and patterns. So here it is, your Autumn Interior Decorating Trends for 2018, fresh off the runway:

Think BIG

Okay, maybe more like oversized. Oversized jeans, oversized glasses, and oversized sweaters are totally trending on the runway right now. Using this trend, opt for super chunky knit lap blankets to adorn your sofas or accent chair in your home. Go for deep cushions and larger than life scatter cushions. To tie it all in together, use colourful and modern artwork with bright lighting to really make the room appear lively and spacious.

All things smooth and shiney

This Fall, the runway is seeing a lot of vinyl, sequin, plastic materials and other similar textures. When you translate this into home interior design, you can definitely work with these materials to make any room look sleek and modern this season. Think of reflective surfaces or metallic finishes perhaps in vases, frames, light fixtures, or on the surfaces of coffee or side tables. Start with applying decor pieces with smooth and shiney finishes against furniture materials that are soft or velvety. It’s the perfect contrast of both cozy and modern flare.

Darken your palette with rich bold colours

No need to repaint your home or change up your furniture entirely, especially if you have mostly neutral toned pieces. Incorporate pieces that are full of rich bold colours like plum shades, shades of reds and forest greens. Introduce a vintage-inspired statement armchair. This season you’ll likely see interior influencers featuring a bold and inviting statement chair or rich pigments. If your budget allows for one investment homeware piece this season, it would be well spent on one of these!

Seeking a more tailored look?

The runway is crawling with monochromatic looks, clean lines, and simple yet distinct details. Take the minimalist approach this season and completely declutter the room. Opt for more muted tones, black, white, greys, and neutrals. Create clean lines with little to no decor pieces on the table tops and leave only books or records sitting on the shelves. Incorporate colour by adding leafy houseplants.

Aside from all the aesthetics, your home’s best feature and accessory is its ability to let in natural light through the home windows. Since there is already limited daylight during the cold weather months in Ontario, pull back the window treatments during the day and allow natural light to pour into the room and highlight the interior design.

Natural light promotes healthy home living and large windows let in beautiful, bright light, but the UV rays could also cause premature fading from your expensive furniture, hardwood, carpets, and curtains overtime. To prevent this from happening, while still allowing sunlight into the room, your home’s windows can be upgraded to include a layer of UV protection that can block out 99% percent of harmful UV rays. New replacement windows are also built standard with Hydraglass 50™ warm edge technology on the SuperSpacer® platform, designed with extreme durability, sleekness, and energy-efficiency in mind. If your home windows are no longer performing as good as they used to, perhaps they’re giving you trouble when cranking them open or they aren’t locking with ease, it may be time to replace them all together. Replacement windows can offer many other benefits above energy-efficiency and improved ventilation. They will instantly boost your home’s value and provide a better quality of living with better sound control, safety, and security.

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