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DIY Spring Door Decoration and Wreath Ideas

Celebrate Spring by decorating your door with the bright colours of the season and create a joyful impression on your guests. Spring decor is all about refreshing pastel colours, rustic decor, and incorporating elements of nature such as wood, florals, and greenery. The great thing about Spring decorations is that the light and subtle colours allow for you to combine many colours and textures without appearing too cluttered.

If you’re looking to give your home’s exterior an instant Spring refresher with some lively decorations, here are some wonderful ideas you can either buy from your local department store or turn into a fun DIY project with your friends.

Bouquet of tulips wreath

Nothing says Spring like a bouquet of fresh tulips! Tulips are beautiful and come in such bright and vibrant colours. Don’t you wish they could last forever? This door wreath idea will savour that perfect bouquet of tulips for you all season long and add a touch of cheer with a polka dot fabric. To make this wreath you will need:

  • A foam wreath form
  • Enough polk-a-dot fabric to cover your wreath form (or any other printed fabric you may like)
  • A bundle of faux tulips in the colour(s) of your choice.
  • Some ribbon to match
  • And a laser cut wood sign, “Hello”
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

To put your wreath together, start with wrapping the wreath form with the fabric, sealing it on with hot glue. Next, arrange your bouquet of tulips artfully on one side of the wreath form, using hot glue to secure each one to together onto the wreath form. Wrap the middle of your bouquet with the ribbon, sealing it again with hot glue. Lastly, hot glue the laser cut wood sign, “Hello” onto the bouquet of tulips.
Hang your lovely new wreath onto your front door and prepare to dazzle your guests.

Spring Moss with Butterflies

This is a fabulous, modern, and simply sweet idea we found at A Pumpkin & a Princess. The best part about this is that you don’t need to be super crafty to get awesome results. This type of wreath is even great indoors to hang above a fireplace or on an accent wall in the front entryway of your home.
To make the Spring Moss Butterfly Wreath you’ll need:

  • A foam wreath form
  • Enough moss sheets cut into strips to cover the entire wreath form
  • 5 or 6 faux butterflies
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

To make the wreath, cut the moss sheet into strips wide enough to cover the wreath form. Cutting the moss into strips made it easier to work one section at a time. Repeat until the entire wreath form is covered in moss. Next, secure your butterflies onto the wreath as shown in the photo or however you desire. If you’re lucky to find butterflies that have wire attached, cut the wire down to about 1.5”, stick the wire through the moss and into the wreath form and further secure it on with a touch of hot glue.

There you have it, a unique and eye catching door wreath that is simple yet so chic.

Lovely Lavender and Forsythia Wreath

Here’s another beautiful wreath for those who love working with faux floral arrangements. The step-by-step tutorial on how to put together the Lovely Lavender wreath can be found at Decor by The Seashore. It’s very easy and fast to create. The best part about it is that the wreath itself is made to be completely interchangeable so as the seasons change or whenever you feel like a refreshing new arrangement, you can simply untie the decorative bow, remove the faux florals, and switch up the design.

Fabric Scrap Wreath

This project is great for crafters, sewers, and clothing makers who have been searching for a wonderful way to repurpose unused scraps of fabric. If you’re able to get enough scrap fabric to cover a wire wreath form this project will cost very little with stunning results. The idea is to collect fabrics of similar colour schemes and various patterns to give it more dimension. You could also go for a more eclectic look by completely mix-and-matching fabrics! The step-by-step tutorial for creating this abstract door wreath can be found at Art of Homemaking.

Spring Egg Wreath

The home with the Spring egg wreath will surely be the first stop for the Easter Bunny! This rustic wreath adorned with speckled pastel eggs and two little bird sitting in a nest of spanish moss, it is such a warm and inviting greeting for anyone who is approaching your home. A step-by-step tutorial for creating this wreath can be found at Our Everyday Life. This would be a great DIY project to do with your kids, especially the part when they’ll get to dot the eggs with paint. You can get them to choose the colours, count the eggs, and help you arrange them onto the wreath.

Hanging a beautiful wreath like this on your door will surely tell you visitors you are ready for Spring and all the lovely the festivities of Easter.

Hanging a wreath on your front door is a tradition as old as humankind. Some believe it represents victory and some believe it represents growth and everlasting life. You could also view it as an invitation to those you welcome to your home. Whether or not it has symbolic meaning to you, your front door is the first thing that will set the stage for how you and your guests will feel when you enter your home and this should feel warm, comforting, and inviting.