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How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Entryway Door

High-quality doors are built to last for decades, but if you recently moved into an older home, it may be hard to tell the last time it was replaced. Putting looks aside for a minute, doors serve more functions that merely looking good while opening and closing. They are your home’s main point of entry and provide the home with security as well as shelter from the outdoor elements. When you’re no longer able to rely on your front door to provide these basic functions, it’s probably time to replace it entirely.

Understandably, replacing your entryway door is an important decision for any family. Sometimes, a door can be renovated in the attempt to fix any apparent cracks or replace a locking mechanism that has been acting up. However, for the majority of issues that can arise, repairing them would just be like putting a tiny band aid over a larger issue, which may end up costing you more in higher energy bills and repairs that won’t last.

Here’s some signs that might be point towards a brand new entryway door:

Are you making excuses? In other words, have you been getting used to tucking a door snake or towel at the bottom of the door frame just to keep the cold air from creeping in? That’s just not feasible anymore and moving in back and forth in place everytime you need to walk through the door is probably becoming a total hassle for you.

Are you an expert at the “shimmy”? Have you become a pro at wiggling and jiggling your door in order to get it to lock and unlock? That’s just not how the average person opens and closes the door, especially when you have guests waiting on the other side, wondering what all the fuss is about! Opening and closing your door shouldn’t feel like wandering through a complicated mirror maze nor take any critical thought. Functioning doors should be fuss-free.

Do you feel the chill? Home living should be easy breezy, not breezy. If you’re feeling a cold draft while you’re trying to enjoy your morning coffee, it’s time to replace your door. Not only is a cold draft uncomfortable, it means your energy bills are probably going to suffer a little as well. Keep the warm air, the cold air out and vice versa in the warmer summer months.

Before you can feel confident about your decision, it’s important to consider the benefits and peace of mind a brand new replacement door can offer:

  • Optimal security and comfort

Simply knowing you have a door that is properly locked while your family is sleeping at night will provide you the utmost peace of mind. Not to mention being able to lock and unlock your door like it’s second nature and not a force of nature has reckoned on your front door.

  • Style and curb appeal

Brand new high-quality doors are simply beautiful. They can give any home an instant boost in curb appeal. You’d be amazed how different styles, designs, and stains there are to choose from, it might just be what can give your home that modern edge it needs.

  • Increased home value

Going back to curb appeal, your windows and doors is the first impression your house will make from the outside. It’s also one of the first things a real-estate agent will point out when showing the home to prospective buyers. Today, everyone is looking to refresh their homes and increase the value, brand new doors and windows is one of the best ways to do this while have a good return on investment.

  • Energy-efficiency

If you’re shopping between different types of materials for your brand new doors, steel and fiberglass doors are most popular and typically have more insulating qualities than wood doors. Bear in mind that doors that are Energy Star-qualified must be independently tested and certified, and often boast tighter-fitting frames, energy-efficient cores in order to effectively reduce heat transfer.

  • Low maintenance

We’ve found that most brand new high-quality entryway doors perform great however, the more common materials they’re made of—fiberglass, steel, and wood—each have strengths and weaknesses. And while a low-priced steel door can be the equal of a wood or fiberglass door costing five times as much, it’s not the best choice for wear and tear.

The final note here is that there really is no downfall to replacing your entryway door and although there is certainly the appropriate time to make the change, there is no wrong time to do it. What that means is, if you simply want to change your full functioning door for a bright, new shiny one because you want to wake up to a front door that makes you smile, then go for it! If your major concern is installation times, it typically takes anywhere from 4-6 hours to complete the installation. The installers try their best to be as quick as possible so that your home isn’t exposed to the outdoors for too long. At the end of the day, a brand new door should serve you many years of reliability, comfort, security, aesthetics, and better control on your energy bills.

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