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Go with Clera and Cut out the Middleman

We not only manufacture the windows we sell, but we perform the top quality installation as well. There’s no middleman in our process, and that amounts to savings for you. We can guarantee our products and services and be confident in our lifetime warranty.

Manufactured to Spec

Our Clera specialists make our vinyl windows to your exact specifications. Our materials are top-notch and have an ENERGY STAR rating we are proud of, so can be sure that you can be proud of them too.

Our Installation

We have an installation quality program that puts our customers first, so you can be sure your window and door installation will be done right the first time. Every window installation is guaranteed because we control the complete installation process.

To learn more about our installation quality program, follow this link.

The Problem with the Middleman

Having a middleman complicates the manufacturing, selling and installation process. Many window and door companies do not control both the manufacturing and installation process. While they can guarantee their product, if the installation is done incorrectly, the window may not function the way it should.

If problems should arise, there is more than one company to approach. The first company may blame it on the second company, and the second on the first. If there is only one company, they take full responsibility for the selling, manufacturing and installation process.

When more than one company is involved, you are going to pay more because of markups and other fees. When only one company is involved, there are fewer fees and no markups that come out of your pocket.

No Middleman

We don’t buy our windows from a manufacturer, and we don’t contract our installations out to anyone. That means our process saves you money, because our products go from our warehouse to your home. There’s no third party company, so we are accountable for our entire process.

Our entire line of products and services are guaranteed. Because we have no middleman, we can ensure that both your product and installation will be done properly. We control whom we use for installations and ensure all our employees are properly trained and qualified for fenestration installation.

Our Clera Windows + Doors salespeople can tell you what you need to know about our sales, manufacturing and selling so you can be confident you are getting a product and service that fits your life.

If you’d like to learn more about our products or installation, please feel free to contact one of our sales representatives at any time. It’s the only call you’ll have to make to discover how our entire process works, we promise!

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