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Home Improvements to Make Before Selling Your House

Are you planning to sell your house within a year or two? While many sources will suggest pulling off a grand kitchen makeover or have an impressive outdoor conservatory to entice homebuyers to check out your property, in reality, these major projects aren’t guaranteed to return your investment. In this…
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How To Lower Your Home’s Cooling Cost

Every homeowner knows how difficult it can be affording the monthly payments on their home. Heating, cooling, electricity, and sewage. The list goes on and on. So, when it comes to tightening the budget, every penny counts. One great way to cut back and decrease your home’s cooling cost is…
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What are Smart Locks?

Imagine opening your front door with your phone. While this once was the stuff of science fiction, it’s now become science fact, thanks to the introduction of so-called ‘smart locks.’ As various traditional products are increasingly shaken up (or, to use the techno-wizard term, disrupted) by digital network-enable technologies, it…
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