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How to Make your Front Door More Welcoming

The winter months can do a number on your door, making it harder to keep it clean. With spring just around the corner, your front door may need a bit of TLC to give it back that welcoming feel.

Get Clean

You can start by doing a general clean. Remove any cobwebs you see, as well as any dust or dirt that has collected on your front porch. A clean front door feels more inviting than a dirty one.


Is your front door chipped or damaged in any way? Perform any needed repairs on the door. Re-varnish it if it is wood or repaint it. Warm colours are inviting. Deep reds, browns and vibrant colours can draw eyes and visitors. If you have been thinking about giving your door a new colour, this is the moment to do it.

New Bling

A great way to improve your front door is to put some new decorations on. With a small investment, you can do a great deal to your home. Think about a new knocker, doorbell or handle – something that fits the scheme of your front porch and home.

New Mat

The winter weather can be rather hard on your doormat. Clean an existing one or purchase a new one to bring out the ‘welcome’ in your front door. If you have trouble finding a mat that fits, use two side by side.


Your front door is a part of your front porch. When people look, they take in the whole scene. By adding some seating around your porch, you can give it the inviting look you are going for. Comfortable seating can be purchased for a small investment, depending on how luxurious you want to go.


Use plants around your front door to add a decorative element. Potted plants can allow you to improve the design features of your front door, by accenting the colours and drawing the eye to the front door.


Use lighting to your advantage. It can be readily apparent during Halloween; dark, unlit houses look uninviting while well-lit ones do not. Think about adding solar lights that lead up your walkway to your front door. This adds not only an aesthetic value, but also better safety for night.


Do not let your front door go too long before you clean it again. Get into the routine and you will prevent your door from getting to the point of no return.

Use your imagination when coming up with new ideas for your front door. Make your door completely personal and individual. The statement that you make is the most important statement of all, and your front door can do that.



  • Avatar for H .Yates H .Yates says:

    I really like the tips in this article. I have been thinking of ways to make my front door more welcoming. I definitely think I will add some seating and plants around my door. I think my neighbors will feel a lot more welcome after I do these things.

  • Avatar for Karen Karen says:

    These tips are great!!! I am really glad I read this article. It is always a good idea to make your front foor more welcoming. I will consider adding plants and seating. These are all such great ideas.. thanks again for the article!

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