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Matching Modern Blinds for Your new Windows

Are you having trouble matching your blinds to your new windows? It can be a tough job installing blinds that compliment and accent your windows. There are a few things to consider before you buy.



By sticking with colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel, you can create a complimentary window/blind combination.

The easiest way to create a fluid, cohesive look to your windows is to match the colour of the trim to the blinds. This will help the blinds become a quiet feature in the room, blending into the windows. If you would rather have multiple colours on your windows, keep the number of colours that you use to a minimum. Too many colours can make a window or room seem too busy and distracting.

By using colours that contrast one another, the windows jump out and become a focal point for the room. If you have artwork or furniture in your room that has vibrant, lively colours, you may want to keep the same style for your blinds. This will help keep the effect consistent on every wall of your home.

If you are unsure of which colours go with which, you can visit this link for a crash course on colour matching.

Window Type

window type

Blinds are commonly found in four types: wooden, Venetian, vinyl and perforated blinds. Each option is highly customizable, and varies in price.

Your choice of blinds may depend on the size of your window. Smaller windows will allow less light to enter a room than a larger one, but Venetian, roman or wooden blinds can easily allow more light into the room with the pull of a cord or the twist of a stick.

If the windows in your home are tall, you might consider using the vertical lines on roman or Venetian blinds as an accent. Vertical lines on your windows will compliment the windows as well as make them seem even larger than they actually are, giving the room an open feel to it.

When you have windows that are not easily reached, such as those on staircases, it would be wise to select blinds that enable you to open and close them with ease. You can lift roman blinds with the pull of a cord, while Venetian blinds, if the stick is long enough, can be turned.

Window Location

window location

White is a neutral colour, adding the element of relaxation and comfort to the already neutral colours in the room.

The colour of a can affect the way a person feels when they are in that room. Knowing this, by using different colours, you can accent the idea of the room by using different colours. Kitchen blinds can often be vibrant, energeticcolours, since it is a room that should inspire motion and energy. Alternatively, a living room is made for comfort, so more neutral, subdued blinds will help create a relaxing atmosphere.

You Like What you Like

When choosing a style and colour for blinds, choosing blinds that you genuinely like will more often than not help to create a consistent style around your home. Some homes have antique styles mixed with modern styles, and some stick with one or the other. You can be as creative or subdued as you like, as long as it is consistent with your own preferences.

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