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New Windows Add Value to Your Home

Homeowners who are planning to move in the near future may wish to increase the value of their home with some renovations. With the housing market slowly picking up, houses are selling at higher prices. This is especially true for homes that offer a lot of amenities that home buyers are willing to pay extra to get.

There are many upgrades that you can do to your home, but which ones are worth the cost? Windows are typically a good investment because newer ones offer significant energy savings. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing new windows in your older home.

Why New Windows Save You Money

When it comes to windows, it’s all about energy efficiency. If you own an older home with drafty windows, all your heat is literally going out the windows. You’re losing a lot of energy and gaining a huge energy bill. The cost to heat and cool your home can eat at your budget.

That’s why many home buyers prefer newer windows. They are better insulated and with Energy Star windows, you save even more money over time. In fact, you can save $500 a year on energy costs.

Value of New Windows

New and improved windows can offer a return on investment ranging from 60-90 percent of the cost, with the average around 70 percent. This will depend on the type of window you buy. Replacing your current windows with standard windows won’t yield you much of a return on the value unless your current windows are in really bad shape.

With the current trend leaning toward going green, it’s a good idea to upgrade your home with energy efficient windows in any situation. You’ll almost always get a high return.

Add Value to Your Home With New Windows

If you’re looking to add value to your home, new windows are a good choice. However, you need to choose the right ones. Clera Windows and Doors can help you choose energy-efficient windows that will boost your home’s value. Get a free quote by contacting us today at 1-888-738-0738.


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  • Avatar for Patricia Patricia says:

    I’ll admit that I have been too cheap to get new windows. I just wanted to make my old ones last as long as I could. But after I found out how much value new windows could add to my home, I decided I should probably spend the money. Modern windows just look nice and are more energy efficient.

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