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Preventing Drafts in Your Home in 7 Easy Steps

Whether you are looking to save the world, or your pennies, here are some tips on draft-proofing your home to help increase the energy efficiency!

  1. Improve insulation in your home. This could mean adding to or replacing the insulation in walls, ceilings, and attic. Check for any wear and tear, damage, or disintegration. Updating this will keep your home at the temperature you have set it to be, keep the hot or cold in or out depending on the system you have running and the season upon us!
  2. Inspect and correct all seals on exterior walls and doors. This is simple, check all windows and doors to ensure tight seals are not allowing air, moisture, and unwanted debris into your home. By re-caulking windows and adding weather-stripping to the sides and base of doors; the base will require a sweep which deals the gap between the floor and the bottom of the door. Walk around and inspect all seams between exterior walls, corners, and any place two materials join. Seal any cracks long these surfaces to keep the draft out.
  3. Look at any exterior facing electrical outlets. The installation of a foam gasket behind the plate, along with the plastic inserts for unused outlets will reduce the chance of additional drafts.
  4. Upgrade your windows and doors. Old homes may need more than a new kitchen! Replace aluminum frames with vinyl that are much more resistant to heat transfer.  Invest in the installation of multi-paned, high performance vinyl windows. Not only will they lower energy and utility costs, but they will enhance your homes overall appearance, improve security, and reduce noise from the outside world. Vinyl windows help keep what you want in, and that you don’t—out! Clera Windows makes replacing your windows as easy one, two, three allowing you to choose your style, glass, and colours to match you individual home and unique taste.
  5. Look for any additional openings to the outdoors such as dryer vents, exhaust fans, mail slots, and chimneys and make sure they are well-sealed and insulated as well. They may go forgotten as they don’t seem the most obvious culprits but drafts can enter through any of these places just like your windows and doors!
  6. Replace old, low efficiency doors and frames! Like your windows, the material and quality of your door can be the make or break for drafts and energy loss. Listen and feel for air coming in through the door. Check if it’s the frame, door, seal, or otherwise. An update here will be a lifelong investment.
  7. Invest in window coverings. Drapery can both improve the style of your homes décor along with helping shield the coolness from the windows in winter months.

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