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Pros and Cons of Window Casement Replacement

You might be thinking about casement windows, often referred to as ‘crank –out windows,’ as an alternative to the windows you have now. There are various pros and cons that make this option more or less desirable, ranging from security to maintenance to cost. Depending on your requirements, casement windows may be the right choice for you.

The Pros

These windows are popular, and they must be so for a reason. There are many reasons to opt for this type of window. They have excellent ventilation, being able to give a large space to catch breezes. Alternatively, when they are closed they are very effective at keeping the cold out. This makes them a very energy efficient option.

If you have high places that are hard to reach, casement windows allow you to open them without straining too much. The lever at the bottom makes it easy for anyone to open or close them.

For security reasons, these windows are a good choice. They are incredibly hard to break into, unless you shatter the glass making them a deterrent for would-be thieves.

If you need to have your window replaced for any reason, it is very easily accomplished. Their simple structure makes them a simple replacement.

The variety of materials casement windows are made from makes them an ideal choice for some. You may see vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum or wood casement windows. With the amount of choices, you will be sure to find a design that speaks specifically to you. Vinyl, of course, is the easiest to maintain and a great choice if you are thinking of installing basement casement windows.

Their simple design makes them easy to clean and maintain over the years. You won’t find they are any more difficult to upkeep than any other window in your home.

The Cons

The hardware on a casement window can be faulty. If there are any problems, it may change the level of their security or have you buying new ones. This maintenance can sometimes be costly, but should there be a warranty, it will be well worth the investment. Be sure that your hinges and cranks work properly and are free from all damage and rust.

The cost of replacing a frame to fit a casement window may cost you a bit, but if you are simply replacing an old casement window with a new one, you won’t pay so much.

That’s the case for casement windows from both sides. You can see why these are such a popular choice for homeowners, and they may already be the ideal choice for you. Explore your options and find out which window will give you the greatest view.


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  • I liked how you talked about all the choices that casement windows can bring you when you decide to use them for replacement. Vinyl windows, specifically, sound like our best option since they’re the easiest to maintain and that can help a busy family like mine. I’ll look for these types of windows for sure when I find a window replacement contractor in the area.

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