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Window Replacement vs. Window Glass Replacement

Every window will face a certain amount of wear and tear that will prompt a homeowner to get replacement windows. Everyday wear and tear can result in damages as extensive as broken glass from accidental physical impact, or something as simple as a foggier appearance that is obstructing the view…
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Replacement Windows: The Do’s and Dont’s

Spring is officially here, and that means renovations and home improvement projects should be underway over the next few months. One project that many homeowners tend to take on in the drier months is replacing aged, inefficient windows for modern, stylish and efficient windows! If you’re in the initial stages…
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The Difference Between Cost Effective and High Quality Windows

With all things in life that you may purchase, you’d hope you would be buying something that is a good balance between being both cost-effective and high quality. It would be a shame to buy something that initially seemed like it was saving you money but wound up being worthless,…
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