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Still Choosing a Window& Door Company? Try Our Value Detector Check List!

value detective check listThe search for quality window and door replacement can be tough. That’s why at Clera Windows + Doors, we’ve made it easy. Our Value Detective Check List outlines the most important questions you should be asking and provides a quick and easy way to compare. Just to give you a head start – we’ve filled out our own information for you.

Value Detective Check List

questions to ask clera windows and doors logo company A company b
How long has the company been in business? 35 years
The company manufactures their own windows. (Can you Google the factory location?) true
Their installers are F.I.T. trained. (This is the highest degree of certification mandated by CSA. true
The company offers a non-prorated, lifetime warranty. true
The company is a member of the Better Business Bureau, and they have an A+ rating. true
Their sealed glass is IGMAC certified, even for gas retention. true
Their windows and doors are Energy Star rated. true
Their windows and doors are all CSA certified. true
They can provide proof of adequate liability insurance and WSIB coverage. true
Their website has all the information that the salesperson has told you about in writing. true
They have good online ratings. (For Clera’s ratings go to true

Even after investigating our competitors, we are confident you’ll find the best value with Clera Windows + Doors. Our complete product line and service is centered around you – our customer. We provide only high-quality materials, installations, technicians and customer service. Do you still have questions?

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