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The benefits of an electronic deadbolt

Are you in the market for a cheap yet effective home security device? If so, an electronic deadbolt would be a wise investment. These deadbolts offer many benefits over traditional key lock models, and they come in a number of different finishes for a stylish effect. At Clera, we offer polished brass, antique pewter, and satin nickel to our customers.

Installing a deadbolt on a door is a must have if you want to keep intruders out, but an electronic version offers a bit more convenience and security than their non-electronic counterparts. This technological advancement can be a very valuable asset for any homeowner, but will be best suited for those wanting a fool-proof method for locking their doors. Here are some of the top reasons why installing an electronic deadbolt is recommended over any other mechanism.

Top benefits of an electronic deadbolt

  • Equipped with a key pad and electronic locking mechanism
  • Automatic locking feature is available when you need it
  • Multiple codes can be stored in the event that you forget the combination
  • You don’t have to worry about losing your keys
  • Available in single and dual cylinder models
  • Can be used in conjunction with other remote systems (i.e. garage door openers)

An electronic deadbolt works by utilizing a keypad and battery operated locking mechanism. When the user enters the key combination, the system inserts or removes the bolt into the lock. The process is very similar to that used in a traditional key lock deadbolt, the only difference being that it is fully automated.

A very useful feature that is available in most electronic deadbolts is the option to have the system automatically lock when the door is closed. This can be programmed with ease from the keypad, and is ideal for minimizing human error. When in a rush, many people forget to lock their deadbolts when either coming or going. This feature counters this mishap by automatically releasing the bolt when the door is shut.

Another benefit to these deadbolts is that they offer users with the ability to program and store multiple key code combinations. Most models allow you to store up to five unique codes, which means you don’t have to worry about being locked out if you forget one. Since everything can be controlled directly from the keypad, users also do not need to worry about losing their keys. While you can use your key to unlock the door alternatively, it will not need to be the primary method for doing so.

Electronic deadbolts come in two different types. A single cylinder model requires that a key be used to unlock the unit on the outside of the door, while a dual cylinder model requires that a key be inserted on both sides. The latter is recommended for homeowners that have doors installed with glass windows, as a burglar could potentially break through and turn the knob.

Lastly, some electronic deadbolts can be used with remote controls used to power other household devices. Essentially, you are using a remote signal to lock/unlock just like you would with keyless entry on your car or garage door. Some higher-end deadbolts are even equipped with fingerprint scanners. These models are perfect for any home security plan.

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