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The Benefits of Awnings

An awning is a secondary window covering attached to the outside of a building. They are typically made of canvas, acrylic, cotton, or polyester yarn or vinyl laminated to polyester fabric. Stretched over a light structure of aluminum, iron, steel, or wood; awnings can be used to shade windows from the sun and decrease heat transfer into your home.

Protection from the Elements

Awnings are not just used for providing shade, they can also help keep your home cool during the summer. A properly installed awning can reduce heat gain in your home by 65% on southern windows and up to 77% on eastern or western facing windows. Awnings will also protect an open window from rainfall, allowing you to get fresh air regardless of the weather outside and a large awning can provide a nice outdoor space to sit and watch the rain without getting wet.

Natural Light

These window coverings will let in more natural light than drapes or blinds while still preventing direct sunlight from creating glare on television or computer screens allowing you to get work done or watch your favorite movie in comfort even on the sunniest afternoon.

Shading your windows from direct sunlight will also protect your furniture, hardwood flooring, drapes and blinds from fading due to sun damage, allowing enough natural light for your plants to flourish.

Add Some Color

Awnings can also be used just for their aesthetic appeal. Add a pop of colour to your yard by putting an awning over your back patio and gain more living space at the same time! Have a pet who likes to spend time outdoors? Put up awnings to provide them with a safe refuge in inclement weather.

Awning Windows

If you are someone who likes to open the window on rainy days but awnings are not a practical option for your needs, you may want to consider awning windows. These windows are top hung and open outwards from the bottom allowing air flow while directing falling rain and dripping water away from the building. While these windows may be a little bit more difficult to clean, they are a good option for homes in colder climates where permanent awnings may become too weighted down with snow in the winter and would need to be removed.



  • Avatar for Anderson Anderson says:

    Awning windows sound amazing. I really do need some windows that will keep my home cool during the summer. I think I have to run my air conditioning too much. About how much do they cost?

  • Avatar for Valerie Valerie says:

    I have been debating on what type of windows I should get for the past month now, and I think you’ve convinced me to go with awning windows. I like that they allow more natural to come in and that they keep the home cooler during the summer. I really enjoyed reading this article and I am glad I found out more about awning windows.

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