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The Benefits of Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are sleek and stylish. They are equipped with tracks where the doors or panels glide. You can find single, double, or even triple-track sliding doors made of an extensive range of materials, like wood, glass, fibreglass, aluminum, and steel. Barn doors, bypass doors, and pocket sliding doors are examples of awesome variations of this timeless door style

But are sliding doors a perfect fit for your home? Take a look at this list of sliding door benefits to find out if they’re worth the investment. 

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Benefits of Choosing Sliding Doors 

1. Aesthetic Appeal 

The stylishness of sliding doors never seems to fade. They continue to be a favourite choice in contemporary home design. Whether it’s a clear glass patio sliding door or a solid wood interior door, they offer a tasteful look that goes well with anything.

2. Easy Outdoor Access 

Sliding doors offer quick and easy access to commonly used areas, such as patios and backyards. They are especially handy for homeowners who love cooking in the kitchen because they can offer a seamless connection to outdoor spaces, allowing them to entertain guests during a backyard barbecue or pool party.

Furthermore, having sliding doors allows you to have a bigger entryway without the space constraints created by swinging doors. Sliding doors generally also open more fully, with the panels completely tucked out of the way. Need to move a large piece of furniture? No problem!

3. Safety 

Because sliding glass doors are installed on tracks, they won’t swing outwards, minimizing 

chances of accidentally hitting someone when you open them or when a strong gust of wind slams them shut.

In addition, sliding doors fitted with shatterproof safety glass are your best bet if you want to have the most aesthetically pleasing doors without compromising your family’s security and well-being. Safety glass doors do not break into sharp pieces, reducing the risk for injury. 

4. On-Demand Ventilation Boost 

Sliding doors can dramatically improve air circulation and ventilation both as an interior or exterior entry door. They can act like an oversized glass window that you can open any time you need a surge of fresh air to cool your home. 

White sliding doors opening into a sitting room with a blue couch

5. Security 

Sliding doors are secure on their tracks with aluminum seals and gaskets, keeping the doors shut tight. A hook-over mechanism also locks the door in place and keeps it from being lifted out of its frame. Most of these doors are made of safety glass, which is incredibly robust and cannot be cut or damaged with brute force, offering impressive burglar resistance capabilities

6. Adds Value To Your Home 

According to top real estate website Zillow, installing barn doors can make a home sell for up to 13.4% more than the expected value. That begs the question, how much more if they’re sliding barn doors?

On the other hand, installing energy-efficient sliding patio doors to your property can give you significant ROI. It can reduce utility costs and keep up to 94.8% of your investment in its resale value. 

7. Visibility and Ability to Monitor Outside Events 

Sliding glass doors give you a full view of specific parts of your property. You can have them installed in your kitchen overlooking your patio, backyard, or pool area. This way, you can keep an eye on your children and pets while they’re having fun outdoors and quickly spot and spring into action in case of any potential danger.

8. More Natural Light 

Sliding doors increase natural light into your home more than other door types. This decreases your dependence on artificial lighting with the added benefit of also lifting your spirits as you get your daily dose of sunshine. And if privacy is a concern for you, you can always add window or door treatments of your choice, like blinds or drapes. 

9. Energy Efficiency 

Energy-efficient sliding glass doors offer sufficient insulation, keeping your family comfortable no matter the season without relying on cooling and heating. Of course, it also helps lower your power bills. In addition, these kinds of doors filter harmful UV rays, protecting you from the risks of skin cancer and your furniture from fading. 

10. A More Spacious Look 

Sliding glass doors offer an uninterrupted view of the outdoors. This automatically creates a more spacious look. Furthermore, like mirrors, sliding glass doors reflect light, giving the illusion that a room is much larger than it actually is. It’s also an actual space-saving door idea because they don’t have parts that swing out and require space when they open.

 A young boy happily closing glass sliding doors in the patio

Maximize The Perks of Sliding Doors with These Tips 

Get a Screen for Your Glass Sliding Door 

Most manufacturers can offer glass sliding doors that come with an outer screen or storm door to keep insects at bay while still letting you enjoy natural light and a refreshing breeze.

Clean and Lubricate The Track Regularly 

Clean the track of your sliding doors once in a while to ensure no debris is blocking the way. You may also need to lubricate the track using WD-40 or a silicone-based lubricant to keep the door flawlessly gliding for years to come. 

Get Durable and Energy-Efficient Sliding Doors For Your Home 

Are you ready to outfit your home with sliding doors? You deserve nothing but the best. Clera Windows + Doors is an award-winning manufacturer. Our fenestration products simply have it all: style, durability, and energy efficiency. 

For more information about our premium products or professional window and door installation, contact the Clera Windows and Doors team today!



  • The segment of your article that talked about how much more spacious your house can look with sliding doors really caught my attention. This is the kind of look I really want my house to have so no one feels cramped at all when they spend time here. I’ll have a window and door service help me use sliding modules for sure when I start renovating this place.

  • It’s quite interesting to read what you had to say about sliding glass doors and what they can bring to your home. I can bet that on-demand ventilation boosts will be great for us when the weather starts getting calmer and milder, making everything easier to pay for when it comes to temperature management. I’ll use these models for sure when I find a door expert in the area that can help us with fresh installations.

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