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The Benefits Of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can be a great addition to any home because they offer many benefits. When placed in the right areas of your home, they offer convenience as well as style to make your home truly unique. Are sliding doors a perfect fit for your home? Take a look at this list of benefits to find out if they’re worth investing in.

Where Should You Put Sliding Doors?

You may have noticed that sliding doors generally tend to be placed in kitchens and other rooms that lead to the backyard or patio area of a home. This is because these areas tend to receive a lot of foot traffic. Given that the door recedes into a slot, there is more room for people to move through the space.

Natural Light

Sliding doors allow more natural light in than other door types. Due to the large pane of glass often present on these doors, the amount of light that can be let into a space is significantly greater than a standard swinging door. You can always add blinds for the times when you want to keep light out or add some privacy.

Easy Access

Sliding doors are easy to use: just glide them along the rail. They offer quick and easy access to commonly-used areas, such as patios and backyards. This is especially useful when entertaining guests during a backyard barbecue or pool party.

Similarly, given the fact that sliding glass doors are twice as large as regular doors, this also means that you can move furniture and other large objects much more easily. This also means you will be much less likely to take paint off the wall or cause unnecessary dents in the process while doing so.

Better Flow Between Indoor and Outdoor & Improved Health

Sliding doors make the outdoors much more accessible (and visible), giving you to opportunity to feel like the outdoors is right at your fingertips. In fact, studies show that even looking at nature has the ability to reduce negative emotions such as anger and fear while increasing pleasant emotions. In turn, this improves our physical health, including blood pressure, muscle tension, stress and anxiety.

Easy access to and visibility of a natural environment, such as our backyard, makes us feel more calm and balanced. This increased accessibility to the outdoors makes it more likely that we will step outside, get some fresh air and feel the restorative effect of being outside and away from computer screens.

Energy Efficiency

With so many homeowners looking to go green, sliding doors are the logical choice to save energy. Because they are made of composite gaskets, they offer high levels of insulation. This allows your home to stay cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. Sliding doors can also be made of wood, which is a renewable energy source that is very durable. You will feel even better knowing that you invested in something eco-friendly for your home.

They Give the Illusion of More Space

Sliding glass doors act much like mirrors do, which is that they reflect light to give the impression that a room is much larger than it actually is. This is particularly beneficial for homes that have small kitchens or living rooms.


In addition, sliding doors are not just simple, they’re stylish. They offer a sleek look that goes well with virtually any home. They also offer functionality and practicality. Sliding doors come in a wide of colors and styles, so you can easily find one to match your home. Some great models to consider are the Performer, Opus 1, and Diva. Each of these doors will provide the style and performance you need for your home.


Sliding doors can offer safety from burglars. With 30 percent of burglaries occurring through open doors, security is very important. Aluminum seals and gaskets keep doors shut tight, while a hook-over mechanism looks the door in place and keeps it from being lifted out of its frame.

Visibility and Ability to Monitor Outside Events

Not only do sliding glass doors offer safety from potential burglars, but they also provide the opportunity to keep your backyard or any other areas of your home much more visible. The added visibility increases security because it means that you can more readily assess these areas for any threats. In other words, you can keep an eye on your children and pets, and on any other individuals who could threaten the safety of you and your family.

Adds Value To Your Home

The addition of a sliding glass door to your home will increase its value. Bright and natural light naturally adds value to any home and therefore installing a sliding door will increase its value. In fact, installing a new front door has the same effect – on average, you’ll see a 129% increase on your ROI.

The Importance of a Screen

Add a screen to your sliding door and you have the ultimate fixture for your home. Most sliding doors come pre-equipped with a screen on the external side. This is why most people tend to install these doors in their kitchen or patio area. You can open the door and allow light and the outside breeze in, while keeping insects out.

The major benefit here is the ability to allow air flow in, which can help cool down your home inexpensively. There is no need to turn on the air conditioning when you can simply switch the fans on and open up the sliding door. Given the surface area of the screen, you can be certain that a considerable breeze will be present in your home. When cooking or working in the kitchen, these doors are great for dissipating heat and fumes.

Better Views

Sliding doors maximize the view outside, offering visually beautiful and panoramic views. You will find yourself perpetually admiring and enjoying the view while simultaneously increasing the value of your home in the process.

For more information about installing sliding doors and reaping their benefits year-round, contact the Clera Windows and Doors team today.



  • Avatar for Kim C. Kim C. says:

    We’re re-doing out cottage and I was on the fence a little bit about what kind of doors to get but this article convinced me! I guess maybe I secretely wanted sliding doors all along but the idea of more light and fresh air really appeals to me, especially at the cottage. Thank you!

  • We were planning to do a makeover for my brother’s vacation house after two years since we bought in line with our planned vacation for the hot season. I had the idea of replacing the doors but I was very interested in how your article pointed out the benefits of sliding doors, especially the segment that talks about the easy possible access to the outdoors. Since our vacation home has outdoor activities in mind, this would seem like the perfect choice for replacement doors and now I’ll be looking for any contractors who could offer us installations for these types of doors. Thank you for your tips!

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