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What Are The Benefits Of An Energy Star Window?

Windows are important features of any home. They allow you to control the natural lighting and temperature inside your home, while providing visibility to the surrounding environment.

Not all windows are created equally, however. Poor-quality windows can lower your home’s energy-efficiency and safety. That’s why choosing an Energy Star window can provide you with a number of benefits that traditional windows won’t.

What is Energy Star?

Windows that are Energy Star certified have been tested to ensure that they minimize heat loss and air leakage. Energy Star is a certifying organization that helps consumers determine which products provide the greatest energy efficiency.

In order for a manufacturer’s windows to carry the Energy Star symbol of certification, they must be tested by a third party that’s been accredited by Energy Star.

Products that rank within the top 15–30 percent in energy efficiency carry the Energy Star symbol and are listed in the Energy Star section of the Natural Resources Canada website.

Cost Savings

Energy Star windows help you reduce the cost of your energy bills each month. The more efficient your windows and doors are, the less energy is required to cool and heat your home.

When compared to non-certified windows, Energy Star products reduce energy costs by approximately 12 percent. The amount you’ll save will depend on your local weather conditions, home design, and utility costs.

Energy Star Windows Increase Comfort

Energy efficiency can be difficult when trying to cool or heat your homes in extreme weather conditions. Using high-quality windows, doors, and other products helps you create a consistent temperature throughout your entire home.

Energy Star windows helps you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Windows that aren’t energy-efficient will typically pull heat away from anyone sitting nearby. Energy Star windows prevent this heat loss, as its surface stays warm during cold outdoor temperatures.

During the summer, conventional windows allow a large percentage of the heat to enter your home. Energy Star windows keep out the heat so that you can stay cool during the hot summer months.

Home Protection

Your home’s windows can make its interior vulnerable to damage from sunlight. Windows that are certified by Energy Star have a unique coating that protects your interior from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light.

It’s not uncommon for damage to occur to wood floors, curtains, and personal possessions when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Energy Star windows protect these items from losing their colour and integrity over time.

More importantly, it provides this protection without impacting the amount of sunlight that enters the home. This makes it easy to enjoy the natural sunlight without putting your home’s interior at risk.

Energy Star windows offer many benefits to homeowners. Windows that are certified by Energy Star have demonstrated a high level of energy efficiency that reduces the costs associated with owning a home.

Certified windows increase the comfort of your home and protect your valuable possessions. Choosing Energy Star windows is a long-term investment in the quality and life of your property.

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