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What Is Argon Gas?

Manufacturers are now harnessing argon gas to improve the performance of their window products. If you’ve spent time researching the modern window marketplace, you might have read product descriptions mentioning the use of argon gas. However, you might require more information before you make a decision about the type and style of window product you purchase.

In this article, we’ll provide a full overview on argon gas and its benefits within the window manufacturing process.

A Non-Toxic Gas Designed for Exceptional Residential Performance

Argon gas is now inserted into a large majority of the windows within the residential marketplace. The product is completely odorless and is not harmful if it leaks within the home. Double pane windows can be filled with argon gas at the manufacturing stages to support a full range of window benefits.

Why Many Are Upgrading Old Windows

You may find that your older windows are drafty and inefficient in managing your home energy requirements. Drafts within older single pane windows lead to heat loss through the glass and the areas around the windows. When this occurs, the oxygen within the air around the windows begins to corrode caulking and framing, thereby further contributing the loss of heat and air within the home space. This is one of the main factors why so many are now turning to double pane argon gas filled windows as a solution.

How Argon Gas Helps Control Energy Use

Because argon gas is heavier than air, windows filled with argon gas offer greater levels of insulation than natural window products. The gas works to minimize the heat exchange through the window, and can be used to help control your energy expenditure over time. The gas can also be used in conjunction with Low E coatings to bring the temperature of the window closer to the temperature of the room.

Further Benefits of Argon Gas

Beyond the ability of argon gas filled windows to help homeowners retain control over their property environment, these products offer a number of other important benefits. These benefits include the following:

It’s Flexible

Because argon gas is highly flexible, it can be used in all types of climate. This means that homeowners from the far north of Canada to South America can benefit from the use of argon within their windows. In addition, argon windows can be installed in any size. This means whether you have floor-to-ceiling windows or an unusually shaped window within an attic space, the ideal product can be crafted and installed harnessing argon gas.

Costs can be Recouped

While argon gas filled windows may cost slightly more per window than other products, this cost will be quickly recouped through your reduced energy bills each month. Argon gas filled windows cost an average of $30 more per window, but each window can help save hundreds of dollars in energy use over its time within the home.

Argon does not corrode window materials

Because oxygen corrodes the area around windows, many homeowners find they must spend hundreds of dollars extra simply maintaining their natural window spaces. However, argon gas won’t corrode any window material. It’s a gas that has little impact on the surrounding materials.

Factors to Consider When Assessing Argon Gas Windows

Now that you have a clear understanding on the benefits that argon gas windows can bring to your home space, it’s important that you take a step back and review the factors to consider when assessing new argon gas window options. These factors might include:

Energy codes

Regulations vary city-to-city on the type of windows that are recommended for use within homes. Your current older model windows might not meet the latest recommended levels for energy performance. Argon gas windows can help you meet the highest of performance standards.

Upgrade packages

Homeowners often get upgrade packages when they buy new argon gas filled windows. Packages can include new window systems as well as Low E coatings with an argon gas filler. This might be the best option if you’re considering the upgrade of multiple home windows at the same time.


Argon gas filled windows are designed to perform to the same level of energy efficiency over 20 years or more, so you can see the clear return on investment over an extended period of time that might not be apparent initially.

Turn to Trusted Experts to Learn More on Argon Gas Windows

The team here at Clera Windows + Doors has many years’ experience working with and installing argon gas windows for homeowners. We can help to answer any questions you might have about the product and ensure you find the ideal window style for your home environment. Call us today to learn more about your argon gas window options.

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