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What To Look For When Replacing Your Windows

You begin to feel cold drafts, your windows don’t move as easily as before and you even notice moisture inside (if it’s double paned). Those are clear signs that your windows need to be replaced. But what do you look for when replacing them? Here are a few suggestions:

Windows should be durable

Durability is important, especially if you are going to invest in buying new windows. Quality windows should withstand the elements and keep out the cold air. They should also be resistant against water. Think about the materials you want them to be made of: wood, aluminium or vinyl are good choices. Which one you eventually go with will depend on various factors such as cost, style-preference, and the particular conditions in which you live.

They should make you comfortable

Windows should enhance the level of comfort in your home. This means keeping cold air out and cool air in during the winter (and vice versa in the summer). Any good window should have adequate ceiling, strong frames, insulated glass and firm locks.

They should be energy efficient

Energy conservation should be an important factor when choosing your next window. Energy efficient windows help to keep your heating bill down as well as contribute to eco-conservation. Look for the Energy Star label or another trusted symbol that attests that the window you are buying is in fact energy efficient. Fiberglass windows are quite thermal, so they make a good choice for energy efficiency.

They should be aesthetically pleasing

Your windows should be both functional and pleasing to the eye. Not only is this good for overall appearance, it can also add value to your home. These days there are numerous styles from which you can choose from, and you can make your selections that best complement the overall design for your home.

Other things you can look for in windows are: noise reduction, burglar proofing and ease of installation.

What specific features should they have?

Low E

Low-E is the special coating that is placed inside the window. It is vital for reflecting the heat rays of the sun as well as the interior heating from the house. It keeps you cool in the summer and insulates you in the winter.

Intercept Spacers

Intercept spacers hold the double glass pane together and increases the energy efficiency of your windows by as much as 5 percent.

Interlocking Meeting Rail

You only have to look for this if your window is a double hung or gliding window, but it is still important. An interlocking meeting rail makes the windows fit snugly together whenever they close.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping should be around the edges of the frame. This protects the window against air and water filtration.

Types of Windows You Can Buy

Windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they generally come as single pane, double pane or triple pane. Which one you eventually go with depends on cost, maintenance and personal preference.

Single pane windows are the cheapest of the three. However price is not the only reason you might want to consider a single-pane window. They are much lighter and easier to repair, so if one part is damaged it can be easily replaced without compromising the entire window. Also, single-glazed windows allow much more sunlight to pass through.

Double pane windows are the most popular choice among consumers. They provide much more insulation than single-pane windows and are more affordable than the triple pane ones. Some of them have special fill gas between, but any quality double pane will be energy efficient.

Triple window panes are heavier and thicker than the others. They will, however, significantly reduce your energy bill over the long run.

Choosing a Good Contractor

It is also important to choose an experienced contractor. The contractor should be reputable and follow standard practises. Even if you have the best windows, they won’t be much good if your contractor fails to install them properly or doesn’t perform a proper assessment of your situation. The contractor should make a thorough assessment of the environment inside your home as well as other factors that affect the success of the installation. This is an opportunity to ask your contractor the most cost efficient way of installing the windows without compromising on quality.

Choosing a Supplier

You also need to choose the right supplier of the window! Clera Windows has a large suite of windows, and they come with unparallelled warranties. There is also a certified installation program to ensure a successful installation in your home, as well as available financing options. If you are still searching for replacement windows, then come in or give us a call for a consultation. We are confident that we can find a window that is suitable to your home and budget.

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