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What’s the best way to save on heating costs?

Winter is here, but it is not too late to cut your heating bill. There are many tips homeowners can do to lower their energy use. Some are going to be more effective than others, but when performed in combination with one another, you can be sure that your monthly bill will start going down. This is one job that should be done right the first time; make a list of materials you will need as well as to draw up a schedule for performing the jobs.

Depending on the size of your home and the scope of work involved, some of these projects may be an all day endeavor. It may seem time-consuming and pointless, but there is no easier way to save money. To protect your investment and give yourself some breathing room, here are some of the best ways to cut your heating costs this winter.

Great ways to slash your heating bill

  • Adequate insulation goes a long way
  • Install energy-efficient windows or caulk your existing ones
  • Install weather-stripping on your windows and doors; put bubble wrap over your windows to increase their R-value
  • If you have radiators, install foil backing to keep heat inside your home; keep them free of dirt and dust as well
  • Make sure your ceiling fans are spinning clockwise to force heat down
  • Let natural light in to help warm your home during the daytime
  • Make sure your homes HVAC system is up to par
  • Set the thermostat to a lower temperature and keep it there; wear more layers to stay warm
  • Lay rugs down on hardwood floors and tile to keep your feet warm; don’t forget to wear your socks either
  • Don’t resort to candles; the fire hazard that this poses is simply not worth it

Insulating your home is the best thing you can do to keep your heating costs down. This not only means installing the correct amount, but also doing so the right way. Improper technique can leave gaps and open areas where heat can escape through; be sure to address your attic first, as this is the key trouble zone in most homes.

The next thing on the list is your home’s doors and windows. These energy culprits can often be cured with a healthy dose of caulking and weather-stripping. Take the time to fill every nook and cranny, as you don’t want to leave any areas exposed here either. A cheap way to increase the insulation value of your windows is to install bubble wrap on them. It goes on easy and comes off without any sticky residue; it is a solid alternative to shrink-wrap and other window covering ideas.

Other helpful tips include lowering the temperature in your home while dressing warmer, as well as setting your fans to “winter” mode and placing rugs on cold floors to keep your feet warm. Many of these tips will not cost you anything, but they could save you a ton!

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