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Why Summer Is The Most Popular Season For Window Replacement

Torontonians are all too familiar passing safety tape barriers, construction trucks, and endless seas of orange cones throughout Ontario year-round, but even more so during warmer months.

Sometimes, repair and renovations are out of our control and require immediate attention. However, if there is some flexibility, many contractors prefer to take on projects like finishing basements, building decks, and window replacement during the summer.

We’ve outlined 5 reasons why summer has become the most popular season for window replacement in Toronto:


Save on Energy Bills

Everyone likes to stay comfortable in their home, whether it’s being cozy and warm during winter or cool and refreshed in the summer. However, paying for heating and cooling can be costly, especially if your barriers to the outside world aren’t doing the best job of insulating your home!

If you have single pane windows currently, they may not be maximizing energy efficiency as much as double pane windows, or better yet, energy star rated products can. Here at Clera Windows, we are product to offer a variety of energy star products, and low-e-coatings in addition. Low-e-coatings involve low-u factors paired with high solar heat gain coefficients. All of that combined with insulating properties can lead to significant energy savings all year! Your cool air will stay cool, and your warm air will stay warm all while lowering energy costs.

If you’re an individual that currently has the air conditioning or heating on at all times just to retain comfortable levels of temperatures, window replacement in Toronto could really help in reducing your energy bills overall.

Increase Security

As one may suspect, aged windows are much more susceptible to damage than newer windows. Older windows tend to be made with single pane glass, making them easier to crack or break on impact–whether it’s from a neighbour’s football or even just high winds. Considering that windows are a barrier to entry of the home, it’s important to ensure that you have the most secure windows available.

Here at Clera Windows, we’ve designed our products to not only look beautiful, but be functional and secure as well. Our windows can offer double-walled, full length integrated pull-rails that are incredibly difficult to pull off, built-in safety latches, steel locks and keepers.

Reduce Noise

After several months of being forced to stay indoors due to dark evenings and cold climates, the city tend to come to life in the summer! It’s inevitable for neighborhoods to get a bit nosier between backyard barbeques, kids playing around the block, the sounds of construction, and teens having late evenings out.

There can be a lot of unwanted noise that enters the home simply because windows aren’t doing the best job that they could be. Outside sounds can be particularly annoying when it’s 5am and you hear construction workers drilling into concrete!

Double Pane or multi pane windows can definitely help damper sounds coming from outside the home and in turn create a quieter, more relaxed home environment.


Installation is arguably the greatest benefit of opting for window replacement in the summer months. By choosing to replace your windows in the summer, the installation process is simplified for a number of reasons.

First, your installers won’t have to face the harsh winds of colder months, and neither will your home. Contractors that have signed on to install windows in winter months may delay the process due to cold weather or snowy conditions, and that’s much less likely to occur in the summer. As a result, the window replacement process tends to be (on average) much shorter during the summer.

Another reason that installation is much easier in the summer is due to the chemical nature of exterior caulking. It can be difficult to apply and adhere during the colder months, but you can certainly get a much nicer seal in summer!

Maximize Summer Views

Our last reason why individuals should consider window replacement during the summer is so that they can enjoy its benefits right away! By opting to go ahead with window replacement in Toronto, you can immediately feel the fresh air, noise reduction, and maximize those precious sun rays.

Whether you’re looking to maximize energy efficiency, security, and curb appeal–or better yet, all three, Clera Windows and Doors has got you covered!

Our team will work with you to find the best products suited to your personal and financial needs. You can choose the window style and any additional security features you’d like. We also offer custom specialty windows with a variety of shapes from cathedral windows to hexagon-shaped windows, so you can be sure your home will be a cut above the rest.

Clera Windows and Doors is proud to manufacture all of our products in-house so that we can provide our clients with products of the highest quality on the market. We’ll even send over our certified and well-trained installers to “seal” the deal and ensure your windows maintain healthy longevity.

If you’d like to learn more information on how Clera Windows can help you replace your home’s windows, contact us today!

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