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Why you should Hire SAWDAC Certified Professionals

Companies that are certified through SAWDAC, a nationally recognized industry certification, are hiring a team of professionals that match or exceed expectations for products and services in the window and door business.  There are a number of reasons to hire a SAWDAC certified company including:

Approved Windows

High quality products ensure many years of windows and doors that protect the home from weather damage, provide warmth in the winter and trap cool air in the summer, and offer energy efficiency for cost savings throughout the year.  SAWDAC guarantees that the companies under their certification only provide high quality glass products for windows and doors.

Certified Installers and Contractors

A proper installation that is double checked for quality guarantees that products will be safe, and that the job will only have to be done once.  A certified contractor is ideal to hire for a window or door installation.  An expert on site will be able to answer questions, backed by knowledge and experience and will have the insight necessary to offer recommendations, based on installations on other homes like yours.

Energy Star Qualified Windows

Saving energy and utility costs is a staple of many homeowners decision-making process when they are purchasing products and hiring contractors for their new windows and doors.  Clera Windows carries Energy Star Qualified products.  Energy Star certified glass means that our products have been tested and proven to be energy efficient, which means that your home will be “green.” As a consumer, you are contributing to a sustainable environment, while saving on energy costs throughout the year.

Random Inspections

SAWDAC performs random inspection throughout the year to ensure that their certified professionals are holding the standards that are expected, to maintain their distinguished status of industry leaders.  This means that every job is performed with great care and every step is taken that is necessary to ensure that each installation is completed with the highest quality possible for our customers.

Quality Assurance

When a company backs their products and services with warranties and quality assurances, our customers know that we believe in our products and team and are willing to replace, repair and refund if our company does not exceed your expectations.  We want our customers to trust our people, brands and principals.  We have been successful in the windows and doors industry because of the trust and relationships that we have earned from our customers.

Clera Windows is certified through SAWDAC and this is one of many steps we have taken to offer the highest quality products and services for our customer’s new window and door installations.

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