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Window treatments that won’t leave a hole in your wallet

The dressings of a window can dramatically change the appearance of any room. In addition to adding to the interior design of a room, window treatments also control the amount of light let into a room. There is a range of products available on the market, but even basic dressings can present a serious cost.  With some creativity, you can trim the budget while dramatically changing any space, be it the bedroom, washroom, or family room.

Selecting the focus of a room

You may not need to update or install dressings on all the windows in your home to create a noticeable effect. Prioritize which rooms you’d like to have the most impact. If your goal is to make guests feel most comfortable, public spaces like living rooms and dining rooms will be the emphasis of the plans.

Customizing with details

For those with limited time or experience in crafts, pre-made blinds, curtains, or shutters can be the basis of the dressings. Plain curtains and hardware can be modified to add depth or interest. Go to the local craft store, and you might be able to find easy modifications:

  • Iron-on appliques adds shapes, giving you crisp, clean lines to any pattern
  • Large buttons can be sewn on for a rustic feel or sense of whimsy
  • Ribbons and trim can be used to extend the length of the curtains or break up ceiling-to-floor length drapes

DIY for the handy

If you’re particularly crafty, you will have more options for cutting costs. Consider buying materials for curtains, and making your dressings from scratch. Depending on the extent of your skill, there are endless ways to create elaborate curtains and drapes for your window. If you’re up to the challenge, it’s also possible to put together your own hardware for hanging your window dressings. Typically the curtain will slide along a metal rod. The weight of the material and the length of the window must be taken into are necessary to account when deciding what to use. A high quality, and thick bamboo rod is both a light and affordable option.

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