Vinyl Window Quality Control

How is Testing Performed?

Vinyl Window Quality Control

Our vinyl windows are certified by the Canadian Standards Association in accordance with CAN/CSA — A440-00. Testing is performed by an independent testing laboratory.

Our Results:

Clera Casement: A3, B7, C5
Clera Awning: A3, B7, C3
Clera Double Hung: A3, B4, C4
Clera Double Slider: A3, B3, C4
Clera High Profile Fixed: Fixed, B7, C5
Clera Low Profile Fixed: Fixed, B7, C5

Window Certifications Explained

Air Tightness (A)

The air tightness test measures the volume of air that would pass through a closed window at an air pressure differential representing a wind speed of 40 kph (25 mph). Performance is indicated by a number rating from A1 to A3. The higher the number, the more airtight the window.

Water Tightness (B)

Water tightness testing involves applying a uniform water spray at increasing air pressure (to simulate wind-driven rain) until water penetrates the window. Performance is indicated by a number ranging from B1 to B7 for windows. The higher the number, the more watertight the product.

Wind-Load Resistance (C)

Resistance to wind-load is a measure of the product's structural strength and is tested by applying increasing levels of air pressure to simulate the wind force. Air pressure is applied until the product's operation is impaired. There are five levels of wind resistance for windows, C1 to C5. The higher the number, the better the performance.

Forced-Entry Resistance (F)

The standards for windows include a test to indicate how well the product may thwart entry within five minutes. This test is optional for windows that are installed higher than two meters from the ground. One of two ratings is assigned: F1 or F2. For windows, F1 means the product has a lock, while F2 indicates it has a lock and passes hand and tool manipulation tests. F2 represents the higher level of security.

Screen Strength/Ease of Operation (S/E)

Insect screens are not intended to serve any purpose other than to keep insects out. They are tested for tear, damage or retention in windows when subjected to loads. A rating of S2 is stronger than S1.