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Replacement Windows & Doors Elmira Area

Elmira Doors and Windows

Our coverage of the lower Ontario region includes communities both large and small. We service the larger cities surrounding this great town, but we also take care of our clients in cozier neighbourhoods like Elmira. The township of Woolwich is actually a short drive away from us, so it’s well within our service reach. All the quality products and services we provide to metropolitan areas are offered at the same level of professionalism to the community of Elmira. We welcome you to drop by or give us a call today!

Customized Windows and Doors Made by Clera

We offer a wide range of window type, style, colour, size, and features to meet all your window installation needs. We also have a variety of options for customized doors. Our products are manufactured by our factory located in Vaughan, so you can expect a quick turnaround time between placement of order and delivery.

Given that Elmira’s booming tourism industry, we have seen a fast expansion in the community’s architectural and design needs. To make sure that certain local businesses serving customers from outside of Woolwich maintain their tourist appeal, certain leasehold renovations must be made. Our customized windows and doors can be designed to meet your business’ needs at affordable prices. Having a factory that’s a short drive away from our head office means that we save considerably on sales and shipping costs which would otherwise be passed on to our customers at different window companies.

Lifetime Warranty for Long-term Home Owners

Many homeowners buy houses which they intend to live in for more than just a few years. As a long-term homeowner, you likely know that investments really do count. Having high quality windows installed will save you a significant amount of money in heating costs in the winter over the lifetime of the window, which we guarantee for all our customers. Especially since recent weather trends have resulted in colder winters, it has proven beneficial to make an investment on energy-efficient windows to help lower your monthly utility bills.

Many homeowners have lived in Elmira for generations, and a majority of the population is here to stay. The same can be said about the surrounding communities, which we also serve. Our services also extend to: Bloomingdale, Breslau, Conestogo, Crowsfoot Corners, Eldale, Floradale, Heidelberg, Martin Grove Village, Maryhill, Mundil, Shanz Station, St. Jacobs, Weber, West Montrose, and Winterbourne.

Find out more about how our windows will make your home warmer, safer, and more beautiful by giving us a call at Clera today!

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