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The Best Doors and Windows in Port Credit

Port Credit, famous for its nom de plume of “Village on the Lakes,” is a beautiful neighbourhood to the south of Ontario. It is situated at the mouth of the Credit River just north of Lake Ontario, and has brilliant road connectivity with other parts of the province, making it one of the most approachable places in Canada.

Port Credit was recently redeveloped by the Canadian government under the Ontario Government’s Infrastructure Stimulus Fund. That’s why a large part of the town appears fresh and lively. With its brand new appearance and awesome lifestyle, Port Credit is fast becoming one of the most desirable places in Ontario, Canada, to live and raise a family.

Family-run since 1978, Clera Windows & Doors is proud to provide the community of Port Credit, Mississauga with quality products and installation processes that have been perfected through decades of experience in the industry. With sales and installation offices across Ontario, we are proud to have improved the homes and offices of over 200,000 patrons in the province.

Clera Windows & Doors is the leading vendor of the best windows and doors in Port Credit. We have been looking after the furniture needs of the residents of this alluring neighbourhood for generations. Our products are known for their stunning appearance and marvellous functionality, which sets them apart from the herd. Plus, they come with the hefty bonus offer of a lifetime’s warranty on all vinyl windows and hardware, which means that any damage cost is covered by our company, and that you’ll never have to consider shelling out a dime on any repairs or replacement.

Port Credit’s Leading Replacement Windows & Doors

Our home is a sacred place, where most of us spend a third of our lifetime. It’s the beginning and the end of every day, and it shapes all of the experiences which take place between those two existential margins. That’s why it’s imperative that you keep your home in the best possible condition without compromising on anything. Our job at Clera is to provide you with all that is required to beautify your home on a budget. We’ve got thousands of different options for vinyl windows and replacement doors to offer in Port Credit.

Just like we have different seasons throughout the year, Clera has a plethora of door designs to suit the needs of the different clients. For the fans of classic vintage outlook, we offer the Classic Doors Collation. It offers a great cocktail blend of evergreen classics with contemporary trends to give your house the perfect facelift. And for those who are looking to achieve a modern makeover blended with the European style, then we suggest to you the Prestige Door Collection, which is inspired by beautiful European architecture, and is sure to amplify the aura of your home and give your life a touch of luxury.

Sounds impressive, right? But we’re not done yet. We also have the Fibreglass Collation for your outdoor fittings—these products are robust, attractive to look at, and come in a wide range to choose from. If security is your main priority, then look no further than the Storm Door Collection.

Replacing the doors and windows of your home or office is a major undertaking that should be professionally handled to maximize the life of your new products. Keep in mind that your doors and windows are permanent elements within your home, and shouldn’t need to be replaced every few years.

Vinyl Windows & Doors

People want the best deals and best value for every dime that they spend, and rightly so. However, it is often seen that even after spending a life’s savings, every customer’s needs aren’t always fulfilled. And when it’s about furnishing and beautifying the home or office, the stakes are higher than ever. At Clera Windows & Doors, you’ll find an uncompromising deal for all of your furniture and fitting needs. We believe whole-heartedly in the essential importance of customer satisfaction to any business, and always make sure to consider it our top priority.

We use 100% pure virgin uPVC threaded vinyl material to manufacture our doors and windows. If you didn’t know, vinyl is one of the finest and most durable forms of plastic. It’s an amazingly durable material, and never fails in its mission to help to extend the lifespan of your furniture. Our vinyl windows and doors in Port Credit make for an efficient and cost-effective buy. They are certified by Energy Star, who vouch for their energy efficiency. They prevent heat loss, which is vital to have during the harsh winters of Canada, as it keeps the atmosphere cosy and pleasant, no matter how wild it is outside.

Our replacement doors and vinyl windows require little maintenance to ensure their long-term performance. Besides regular cleaning and adjustments, all you really need to do is grease or oil movable parts now and again to keep them fully functional and prevent unwanted squeaking.

Clera is regarded as one of the premier manufacturers and installers of custom doors and windows in Canada. The company was recognised by HomeStars in 2012 and 2013 as the best Window and Door company in the area; received the Best of Houzz award for 2014; and is listed as one of the top 50 privately managed companies in Canada.
Clera offers a wide range of vinyl window styles, including awning and casement windows, fixed and sliding windows, bay and bow windows, and even custom specialty windows so you can purchase the design that suits your home – and that you’ll be comfortable with for decades.

Usually, the type of window design you choose depends on many factors, including the need to improve natural ventilation and ease of operation. More operable units help to improve air circulation, which can be further enhanced by using cross ventilation design, with operable units positioned on adjacent or opposite walls. If this design isn’t feasible, for whatever reason, you can use a single window that lets out hot air at the top and lets in cool air at the bottom.

Serving Port Credit for Over 40 Years

Selling products is not difficult, especially when you are in a growing market such as Port Credit. However, this is a short-term game, and doesn’t help to build a legacy that could last a lifetime. Our goal is not just to make and market windows and doors in Port Credit, but also to grant our clients a more personalised shopping experience. During the course of our career in the market, we’ve needed to learn that most people are afraid of aftersales services, since they are not always up to the mark. For instance, many people complain that they fix the furniture themselves, since they don’t trust the technicians. That’s just not good enough for us.

Our technical team at Clera is highly experienced, and has been specially trained to handle even the most complex cases with ease and perfection. Having successfully handled over 250,000 projects, we’ve never settled for anything less than 100% consumer satisfaction. Our customers believe in our services, which is why we have grown to own and operate a whopping 40+ service and installation centres spread across Ontario.
Our highly skilled and certified workforce will do all the work for you to ensure that Clera’s lifetime warranty is valid. Our technicians will:

Cut into the wall to create an opening for your new doors or windows;
Remove part or all of the existing window frame;
Install the window or door replacement;
Check for air and water tightness;
And more.

The complexity of the work depends on the type of wall, as well as the door or window products in question. But with nearly 4 decades in the industry, there is no situation that is too complicated for our professional workers. Replacing old, single-glazed aluminium framed windows with our new vinyl windows can help reduce your heating costs by as much as 30 to 40 percent. Other options such as double-paned glass, low-e glass, and argon can significantly increase your energy savings.

Meet the Team at Clera Windows & Doors

Being a family run business and having decades of experience in the line of fine furnishing, we are regarded as the epitome of excellence and outstanding service. We specialize in understanding the psyche of the clients, which helps us to imagine and sketch the exact product which they are looking for. Our highly skilled artisans and craftsmen do whatever it takes to make awe-inspiring products that can revive even the blandest homes.

Clera Windows and Doors has also received other awards that are representative of the company’s values of quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact our office in Port Credit today to order your custom door and window replacements.

If you are reading this statement, then we invite you to your nearest Clera store to come and take a look at what furniture built with love really looks at. You won’t be disappointed.

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We recently had our sliding patio doors replaced with garden doors with interior blinds. We have received so many compliments on our doors. Mike and his crew (Mike and Anthony) are very friendly and professional. It was a pleasure having them in our home. The installation was seamless and clean. They already have someone who will be ordering from them, after seeing these doors at our place. I'm sure there will be more to come. Thanks guys!

Reviewer: Maria Novielli

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5 out of 5 stars

I have nothing but good things to say about the services I have received from Clera. About 4 years ago I purchased a new front door from Clera. The salesperson was knowledgeable and understood what I was looking for. When it came time for installation, the installers were professional and friendly. They discovered a small dent in the door at the bottom and told me that they had ordered a new door . This was done before my final inspection. Based on this experience, I had new windows replaced in a rental home in Kingston. This salesperson was also very knowledgeable and took the time to help us. He even inspected other windows and told us which ones did not need to be replaced. More recently, I have purchased two new windows for my own home in Ottawa and have been equally pleased with the service, quality of workmanship and the windows themselves. I always recommend Clera to anyone that I know who are looking for windows or doors.

Reviewer: Tammy Yazbeck

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5 out of 5 stars

Excellent! We have loved our dealings with Clera. Rod was amazing in listening and understanding the look we were trying to achieve and then suggesting products with the appropriate features. The windows were delivered within the expected delivery time frame. The installation was done quickly and the crew was very professional and accommodating. The windows we had install have made the house much brighter. The doors we had install feel very solid, despite both presently unique challenges. Clera's quote wasn't the cheapest quote we had but their price was certainly competitive and the results have been well worth the money.

Reviewer: Eric Tang

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5 out of 5 stars

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