3 Benefits Of Replacing Your Doors

January 17, 2019



3 Benefits Of Replacing Your Doors - Clera Windows + Doors

One of the most iconic but often overlooked features of your home is your doors.

Your front door is the first thing anyone sees when they visit your home, and it is also the thing that keeps your and your family safe and warm. When you think of it like that, your doors are actually pretty important.

Over time, your doors can suffer from wear and tear: being exposed to the elements, getting jammed, or being slammed shut can all take their toll. Occasionally, you might just feel your doors are looking a little outdated, or they don’t fit with the style of your new home.

So what are the benefits of replacing your doors?

There are several benefits to upgrading your doors, especially in a country such as Canada. Let’s go through some of the best reasons to look at changing out your doors.

Improved security

Practically the entire reason the door was invented was to provide security to the people residing within the house.

Some doors are hollow core and are actually fairly easy to break through, even applying relatively minor force. This is obviously not ideal for any public facing door, as this will be the barrier protecting you and your family from any potentially nefarious individuals who might wish to steal or worse.

Doors that are older can start to lose their structural integrity, especially if they have been exposed to particularly harsh weather or if they were poorly constructed to begin with. This means they might offer less resistance to any would be intruders, and could be putting your family at risk.

Upgrading your doors to a heavier, solid core door can improve your home’s security and provide you with peace of mind. Adding in more secure locks and deadbolts can further enhance your safety and make your doors more robust. There are even smart locks that can be purchased now that are highly secure but can be conveniently unlocked with a PIN code or using your voice.

Replacing your old or poorly made doors with thicker and more secure doors is one of the most important benefits to upgrading your doors, and should be considered by anyone who is beginning to lose faith in their doors.

Improved energy efficiency

In countries such as Canada, where summers can be very hot and winters can be bitterly cold, energy efficiency and insulation from the outside elements is vital to maintaining a pleasant home atmosphere.

Poorly fit doors, doors that have shrunk or expanded, or thin doors, can all lead to poor energy efficiency when it comes to heating or cooling your home. If there are cracks or gaps between your door and doorframe, the hot or cold air from outside can leak into your house and hamper your climate control system’s efforts to maintain a comfortable temperature. Similarly, if your door is too thin or not well insulated, it can become heated or cooled itself and then radiate that temperature difference into your home, again disrupting the temperature control within.

Replacing your ill-fitting doors with correctly sized, full thickness doors will provide energy efficiency benefits at all times of the year. As your climate control system will no longer have to be working as hard to counteract the seeping in of the outside air, it will not have to run as often in order to maintain a constant temperature. This means you won’t have to use as much electricity to power your system, which in turn leads to a lower power bill. A win-win situation!

Update your style

As with all things in our society, door styles go in and out of fashion over the years, as trends emerge, proliferate, and then drop away.

Much like yellow textured glass doors were big in the 1970s, and sliding barn doors were all the rage a few years ago, there are just some door styles that these days you wouldn’t be caught dead with. Even if the door in your new house isn’t terribly outdated, it might just not fit with your own personal aesthetic and may clash with the rest of your decor.

Updating your doors, both internal and external, can totally revitalise your home’s look and feel. Bright french doors can bring in lots of natural light and bring a sense of space and grandeur. Heavier craftsman style doors can bring a cosy and more traditional look to any home.

Whatever you choose to do, you can rely on Clera Windows + Doors to provide you with a high quality door at a competitive price. We have been serving Southern Ontario for 40 years and are proud of our reputation for exceptional customer service. If you are looking to replace your doors, contact us today and get an obligation free quote.

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