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Our Vinyl Windows Are In A Glass Of Their Own

With a huge selection of options to customize your replacement windows or doors, you may be overwhelmed by the unlimited choices available at Clera Windows + Doors.To help you make the best decision in terms of values and aesthetics, we’ve compiled a Buyer’s Guide for your convenience.

Buyer's Guide

Types of Windows

From modern to classic styles, we have a wide range of expertly crafted and visually-stunning vinyl windows that are easy to clean. Explore your options below!

Window Materials

Clera’s windows are made from vinyl to ensure they’re always safe, lead-free, and require minimal care to keep in tip-top condition. All our windows are manufactured using durable, 100% pure uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or vinyl).

Vinyl windows are also more affordable than wood windows because wood designs are more difficult to manufacture. That said, vinyl cannot duplicate the allure of natural wood, so consider something that mimics it if you really want that look!

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Energy Star Icon

Energy Efficient

Helps in reducing heat transfer through the window frames. This can lead to improved energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs.

No Maintenance Icon

Low Maintenance Requirements

Unlike wood windows, they do not require painting or staining. Vinyl is resistant to rot, peeling, and fading, making it a durable and long-lasting option.

Improved Resale Value Icon

More Affordable Than Other Materials

Their relatively lower cost, combined with their energy efficiency, can make them a cost-effective choice for homeowners.

Improved Ventilation Icon

Excellent Insulation

Contributes to a more comfortable living environment by maintaining consistent indoor temperatures and reducing sound transmission.

Structural Integrity Icon

Moisture Resistance

Vinyl is resistant to moisture, making it less susceptible to warping, rot, or corrosion caused by exposure to water or humidity. 

Glass Options

Every style of vinyl window by Clera Windows + Doors is engineered to accept sealed glass units with optimum air spaces (the amount of space between the two panes of glass), for the highest possible energy efficiency.

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Certified Technicians Icon

Highest possible energy efficiency with Clera’s own sealed glass units using Hydraglass 50™ warm edge technology on the Super Spacer® platform

Better Home Security Icon

Durable glazing technique

Effortless Operation Icon

Large visible glass

Energy Star Icon

Meets ENERGY STAR® requirements

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Participant in the IGMAC certification program

The Clera Care Guarantee Logo

Lifetime warranty on sealed glass units

Maximize Natural Light Icon

Low-E coatings reduce the transmission of ultraviolet and infrared light through the glass while maintaining the transmission of visible light

Improved Ventilation Icon

Sealed with argon gas; an inert, colourless, and odourless gas that fills the space between the glass panes to dramatically improve insulation

Exceptional Durability Icon

An optional clean coating is applied to clear-float glass so rain sheets off, leaving you with cleaner glass. The coating lasts as long as the glass does

Specialty Glass Options

We offer a range of tinted and patterned glasses that offer everything from increased privacy to eye-grabbing aesthetics.

Clear Glass - Clera Windows And Doors


Glue Chip - Clera Windows And Doors

Glue Chip

Chinchilla Glass - Clera Windows And Doors


Granite Glass - Clera Windows And Doors


Chinchilla Glass - Clera Windows And Doors


Glue Chip - Clera Windows And Doors


Glue Chip - Clera Windows And Doors


Glue Chip - Clera Windows And Doors


Glue Chip - Clera Windows And Doors


Glue Chip - Clera Windows And Doors


Glue Chip - Clera Windows And Doors


Glue Chip - Clera Windows And Doors


Plus many more!

Colour Options

We offer a palette of in-stock window colours to complement most home styles. We can blend a custom colour that’s as unique as your personality. Our industry-leading colour retention technology ensures long-lasting hues—and we paint the entire frame after manufacturing the windows ourselves, of course! You can also get creative with the colours of your glass grilles. Do note painting charges may apply on in-stock and custom-painted windows and doors.



Commercial Brown

Saddle Brown

plus many more.

Advanced Colour Retention

Whether it’s intense sun or extremely cold temperatures, it’s no secret that Canadian weather can be hard on windows. That’s why our vinyl windows are painted using Royal Dura Technology™ to avoid colour fading. Royal Dura Technology™ products are subjected to the industry’s most rigorous testing and are engineered to:

  • Meet or exceed all North American industry requirements.

  • Ensure optimum performance and structural integrity.

  • Provide the highest degree of dimensional consistency.

  • Guarantee the most advanced colour retention technology available.

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Forest Green

Iron Ore


Grille Options

Decorative grilles are either placed between the two panes of glass or on its exterior, depending on the desired aesthetic. Our external grilles are made of uPVC and can be matched to the exterior colour of your new vinyl windows for an integrated finish. Our leaded grilles are permanently mounted onto the surface of the glass to replicate the timeless look of traditional leaded glass lites. Add a charming touch with any of these classic looks!

Top Row Grill - Clera Windows + Doors

Top Row Grille

Colonial - Clera Windows And Doors

Colonial Grille

SDL Grills - Clera Windows And Doors

SDL Grille

Pewter Colonial - Clera Windows And Doors

Pewter Colonial Grille

Prairie -  Clera Windows And Doors

Prairie Grille

Pewter Colonial - Clera Windows And Doors

Flat Pewter Prairie Grille

Pewter Colonial - Clera Windows And Doors

Pewter Prairie Grille

SDL Grills - Clera Windows And Doors

Georgian Grille

SDL Grills - Clera Windows And Doors

SDL Grille

SDL Grills - Clera Windows And Doors

Painted SDL Grille

Energy Efficiency

Windows and doors — collectively known as fenestration products—are major sources of heat loss in Canadian homes. That’s why all Clera Windows + Doors products are ENERGY STAR® certified. Energy-efficient windows make your home more comfortable, produce less condensation in cold weather than standard products, and allow fewer ultraviolet rays to pass through glazed areas to better protect you and your home from the sun.When you install ENERGY STAR® vinyl windows in your home, you can feel confident you’re getting the best efficiency on the block!

Window & Door Assemblers - Clera Windows + Doors

Health Smart Windows®

Looking for new windows? Get a free consultation from Clera Windows + Doors today. Let our team of experts help you select the perfect windows for your home.

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Warranty - Clera Windows + Doors

Security Features

Sturdy windows and doors made from high-quality materials are your first line of defence against burglars—safety should always be a priority. The good news is that Clera gives you options. You could opt for a door with an automatic locking function so your door stays shut once it closes. Purchasing windows made with wet-glazed frames or with stronger hardware and shatter-resistant glass can also help protect against potential intruders.

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Customized Windows & Doors In Alliston - Clera Windows + Doors

Maintenance Requirements

Your windows and doors should keep harsh weather outside where it belongs. However, this is not an easy job, so you should expect some wear and tear over time. Basic maintenance can help your products last longer. Clean your windows and doors after a storm to ensure nothing is stuck in the joints or hardware. You should also check your windows for cracks, as even small ones can seriously affect performance. Check the weatherstripping as well and replace it if necessary.

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Maintenance Requirements - Clera Windows + Doors

Installation Process

Proper installation is essential to avoiding air or water leaking, moisture, and condensation. It’s highly recommended you have your replacement windows and doors fitted by a professional, such as the team working at Clera Windows + Doors. Our installation team is fully certified, trained, and bonded. All of our installers are also local, meaning they’re never far away should you encounter an issue!

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Designing Your Storm Door - Clera Windows And Doors