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Horizontally Sliding, Tilt-In Style Window

This style of window is designed to slide horizontally from right to left and/or left to right. Some styles (double sliders) are made in such a way that both panels (sashes) operate. Others (single sliders) have only one operating sash (the other is fixed into the frame and cannot be opened). Some sliders have a tilt-in feature which allows one or both sashes to be tilted into the room, allowing for easy cleaning of the exterior panes of glass from inside the home. Some sliders are not equipped with the tilt-in feature and are thus called lift-out sliders. The sashes for lift-out sliders need to be physically removed from the window frame for cleaning.

Operating Instructions

To open the window, stand in front of it, facing it. Then,

Step 1

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Unlock the camlock (or camlocks) by lifting the latch to an upright position.

Step 2

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Grab the pull rail on the right side of the inside sash. Slide it horizontally to the left.

Step 3

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If your window is a double slider, the other (outside) panel or sash can also be opened in the same manner, but it will slide in the opposite direction, typically from left to right.

Step 4

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Some horizontally sliding windows have a tilt-in feature. If your window has this feature, you will be able to tilt one (if you have a single slider) or both (if you have a double slider) sashes into the room in such a way that the pane of glass that is normally on the outside of the window can be cleaned from inside the home.

Step 5

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Before you attempt to tilt the sash into the room, please be sure that your window is equipped with this feature. The simplest way to do this is to try and lift the sash straight up into the head (top section) of the frame. The sash of a tilt-in style slider cannot be lifted into the top part of the window frame.Another way is to slide the inside sash panel open all the way, as described (see point 2) above. Look at the right side or edge of the sash (the part you can’t see when the window is fully closed).

A tilt-in slider will have two metal bars, fastened to the sash with 2 or 3 screws, one on the top and one on the bottom. These bars go into plastic pieces installed inside the window frame. If you don’t see two metal bars (one at the top, one at the bottom) fastened to the sash, you do not have a tilt-in slider.If you are still unsure, DO NOT TRY TO TILT THE SASH INTO THE ROOM AS IT COULD FALL OUT OF THE FRAME AND POTENTIALLY CAUSE DAMAGE TO PEOPLE OR PROPERTY. Call your local Clera representative or our customer service department to determine if you have a tilt-in style slider before attempting to tilt the sash in.

Step 6

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Be sure to keep one hand on the bottom and one hand on the top of the sash, supporting its weight with both hands. YOU MUST SUPPORT THE WEIGHT OF THE SASH WITH BOTH HANDS AT ALL TIMES. DO NOT LET GO.

Step 7

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Step 8

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Do not attempt to clean the glass by yourself, as one person must hold the weight of the sash at all times. When the sash is in a tilt-in position, someone else must clean the glass while the other person firmly holds the sash in place.

Step 9

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To clean the outside sash (again, this is possible only with double sliders), one person must firmly hold the interior sash in such a way that it will not slip out of the window frame (see point 7). The exterior sash can then be tilted in toward the inside of the home (see point 6).

In this situation, the person doing the cleaning must be sure to tilt the exterior sash into the room until it is at a 90 degree angle with the frame. The sash should then be engaged in a locked position for cleaning. Be sure that the sash panel is firmly locked into the frame before letting go with one hand. If it is not firmly locked, continue to tilt the sash (beyond 90 degrees) into the room until you feel that the sash is firmly locked into the frame. If you feel that the sash is not firmly locked into the window frame, tilt the sash back into a closed position, slide it shut and call Clera customer service for assistance.

Once the exterior sash is locked in place in the tilt-in position, the person doing the cleaning may let go with one hand, but should still support the weight of the exterior sash with the other. Using the free hand, the outside pane of glass may be quickly sprayed and cleaned. Again, ALWAYS ENSURE THAT ANY SASH THAT IS IN A TILT-IN POSITION IS SUPPORTED SO THAT THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY OF THE SASH COMING OUT OF THE WINDOW FRAME. All of our tilt-in style windows come with locking shoes that prevent the sash from falling out of the frame when it is tilted into the room. These shoes are engaged, thereby locking the sash into the frame, when the sash is tilted in beyond a 25 degree angle. However, as an added security measure, we recommend that all sashes always be fully supported and held when in a tilt-in position, as described above.


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To remove the screens in your windows, simply pull up on the black tabs, lifting the screens into the top part of the window frame. This will give clearance between the bottom of the screen and the bottom of the window frame, allowing the screen to be removed from the frame. To re-install the screen, make sure that the spring-loaded white tabs on the top of the screen are inserted into the window frame, push the screen up into the frame, and let the bottom of the screen slide into the window. Make sure that the screen is fitting snugly all around the window.

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