5 Benefits Of Installing A Storm Door

December 16, 2015



Benefits Of Installing A Storm Door - Clera Windows + Doors

A storm door is a second additional door that is installed within the door frames of the exterior opening of a house or apartment building. Storm doors function in the same way as conventional doors, but are usually lightweight, thinner and contain glass panels. Below are the five main benefits of storm doors:

  1. Defense against harsh weather

    As the year peters out and the weather gets more and more drastic, you want to ensure your external door is fully protected against the damaging elements, and that you don’t suffer the cost of replacing doors year in, year out. Storm doors are fully waterproof and can provide enough protection against inclement weather while staying undamaged themselves. It doesn’t matter how much rain, snow and ice builds up in the doorway, with a storm door, you can rest assured that these conditions will have little to no impact on your old external door.

  2. Insulation

    It makes good financial sense to retain as much warmth as possible during the winter season. A storm door can really help with this. A tightly fitted storm door forms an airlock between your main door and the outside edge of the house, where the storm door is fitted. If you can have the two doors tightly put into place such that an effective seal is formed, the air space between them will provide a form of insulation to your house.

  3. Multi-functional

    During summer when you’re trying to keep the heat out and bugs out, screens can be installed to replace the glass panels, making the storm door to act as a screen door. The main door can be left open, during hot weather, and the locked storm door can act as an air vent.

  4. Less painting

    A storm door will help protect the paint that covers the main door. As well as protecting the main door from the elements, the frames of the storm doors cover the edges of the main door, which are the parts where paint scrubs off first.

  5. Security

    A locked main door could be enough security to your home, but together with a tightly hung storm door, your house and property is even safer. Storm doors come with an extra lock to ensure your house is protected against robberies and break-ins.

These benefits help highlight why we would highly recommend the use of a storm door. Talk to a windows specialist to learn more.

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