Best Front Doors for Security

March 14, 2013



Best Front Doors For Security - Clera Windows + Doors

Adequate home security can put your mind at ease. If your front door is not strong enough to withstand the possibility of a break in, you may want to consider these options.


This is the best way to go in terms of security. Steel doors are composite doors, made of a steel skin that can withstand the elements and intruders. Commonly, these doors have an inner frame constructed of wood or steel. Inside the inner frame, high-density insulation is used. A door built for security should not be any less than 2” thick, while the inner construction should be around 1 – 1 ½” thick.

Just because you have a door made of steel doesn’t mean it is completely safe. If you have a steel door that is hollow on the inside, an intruder can bend it by using a car-jack.

Solid Hardwood

If you prefer the look of wood, you can opt for a solid hardwood door and still get the same amount of security. Using a softer wood, you want to make sure the inside of the door is a solid hardwood.

Avoid doors that do not have a solid wood interior. With a solid kick, it can break open, leaving your home vulnerable. Plywood, USB or MDF composites will not be able to stand up to an intruder for very long. Some burglars even know what to look for when checking out doors.

The Frame

A frame not built to withstand pressure, no matter how sturdy your door is, will break from the hinges when hit hard enough. Take note if the frame is cracked or warped from time and use. There are high-security options available for a frame if you need to replace both the frame and door.


Windows are a nice addition to any front door, and you would not want to forego decorative windows because you are concerned with your security. Intruders can easily break the window and turn the handle if the glass is not strong enough. Be sure your glass is break resistant. The less opportunity an intruder has, the more they may think again about going through with it.

A door that has a hard appearance is a psychological deterrent for would-be thieves. Along with these security measures, you may want to consider adding to it to make your front door area a complete turn-off for burglars. Consider items such as:

  • Security cameras
  • Yard signs
  • Motion sensitive lights
  • Fences
  • Video door phones

Clera offers a range of options for high-security doors, creating the safe and secure home environment for you and your family.

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