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Building Your Dream Home? Consider the Selection from Clera Windows

Building the home of your dreams does not mean you have to take out a new mortgage. With Clera Windows, you can achieve the look you want, for the price you need. Our large selection and success in energy efficiency makes them worth a long look.

Why Choose Clera Windows?

Clera Windows offers vinyl windows with a number of advantages:

  • Better security for your home
  • Higher energy efficiency and insulation
  • Higher aesthetic value
  • No maintenance/no paint/no scratches
  • Quieter
  • 100% pure virgin UPVC for protection from fading

Wide Selection

vinyl windows, customized to fit your home. You can choose from awning windows, high profile fixed windows, end vent slider, double or single hung tilt, double or single slider tilt, casement windows, low profile fixed, bay and bow, specialty shapes, designer series or custom classic series. For the environmentalist in you, Clera comes with ENERGY STAR and Envirosealed approval. There is a view for everyone.

Specialty Shape Vinyl Windows

Specialty Shape Vinyl Windows

Your dream home should be expressive of your individual personality. With specialty Shape vinyl windows, you can add a personal touch to any area of your home. Specialty Shape windows can be made into any shape your heart desires. Learn more by following the link:

Designer Series

designer series

If you are building a home and not just a house, you want the best. Designer series windows are distinctive designs that stand out and give your home a vibrant look. Find out if the designer series are right for you.

Custom Classic Series

custom classic windows

With the custom series, six different styles are available that can be customized in multiple ways. You can easily add value to your home by installing Custom Classic windows in your home. Are you ready to get your Custom Classic Windows?

Lifetime View

Along with Clera’s high quality windows, you also get a lifetime warranty. Clera guarantees your hardware, components and glass for as long as you live, and each warranty is transferable. You will never have to purchase a new part for your windows again. Each customer receives a written warranty that is comprehensive and straightforward upon the completion of his or her installation.

Clera has won Consumer’s Choice Awards, and is recognized as one of Canada’s best privately managed companies.


If you are still sitting on the fence, Clera is offering a ‘no interest, no payments until 2014’ promotion and are offering 25% off all window and door products. You pay no interest on a 35-month plan. Clera can take your home, and make it a million dollar view.

Check out our selection now!



  • Avatar for Nancy T Nancy T says:

    I really think awning vinyl windows will look nice in my bathroom. They look very nice and swing out at the bottom, which is nice because they can always let fresh air into my bathroom.

    • Avatar for Kyle Staples Kyle Staples says:

      Nancy – I have vinyl windows in my bathroom and I really like them. They have improved the ventilation in my bathroom so I highly recommend them. I know you will like them.

  • Avatar for Barry H Barry H says:

    Vinyl windows sound very good actually. They’re not just nice looking… they are also energy efficient and keep the noise out. I definitely think I will have these vinyl windows installed very soon… they will do my home a lot of good.

  • Avatar for Peter O Peter O says:

    Barry H, Clera installed vinyl windows in my bedroom the other week and I can honestly say that I’m very happy with them. They’re great looking and help block out a lot of noise. If you decide to get them, I know you will be satisfied with them.

  • Avatar for Ray Ray says:

    Wow, you guys do have a wide selection of windows! I’m impressed! I really like the vinyl windows. I’m thinking about getting those installed in my bathroom. What do you think? Do they provide good ventilation? The reason why I ask is because the ventilation in my bathroom is terrible. It fogs up within seconds. I will definitely give you guys a call soon.

  • Avatar for Dave Dave says:

    You guys sure have a lot of windows, but I think I am partial to the vinyl windows. I’m thinking about getting those put in my bathroom. Do you think that is a good idea? I hope they provide good ventilation. The ventilation in my bathroom is just awful and I have not been able to do anything about it. It fogs up in seconds if you take a shower.

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