DIY Projects To Upcycle Your Old Doors

November 10, 2015



DIY Projects To Upcycle Your Old Doors - Clera Windows + Doors

Gone are the days where you would just throw out anything you didn’t want to keep anymore, and where creativity means you can waste not, want not while still being cool and chic. Upcycling is good for the environment and a fun weekend project to keep busy as the weather starts to cool down, so let’s explore the options!

Display Case

It used to be that you had to have a pristine glass display case in order to show off your neat knick-knacks from flea markets and far away countries. If you recall, dusting those things were a huge pain! Luckily, it’s very acceptable nowadays to have all types of furniture for displaying your possessions, from floating bookshelves to home-made furniture. Using the outer rim of the edge as a frame, affix floating shelves to the backside. The bottom will need something to support it, such as a small cabinet. You will need very little woodworking knowledge for this project in order to make it unique and presentable.

Sliding Doors

For existing doorways that need sprucing up or creating spaces, you can easily install sliding doors without knocking out part of the wall. All you need is doors of the right height and a track that will support all the weight. The solution requires minimal construction while bearing striking results, with one of the effects being elongating your room, making it seem tall and elegant. In order to find tall enough doors, you may have to resort to creative ways of reclaiming the material, such as searching the internet for old farm doors. Don’t be thrown off by the age of the materials, as older wood tends to be of higher quality.

A Headboard

Do you have one of those beds that are functional but boring to look at? Giving your bed a headboard will not only make the bed look better, but it also adds visual interest to a room without the addition of a piece of furniture — a feature that really comes in handy for smaller bedrooms. The best part is that it required minimal sawing and woodwork in order to turn a door into a headboard. Just pick a suitable colour and start painting or staining away!

Another simple way to repurpose your door is simply use it to replace another door in your house. Unless you’ve renovated, most doors should be of uniform size, making the replacement nice and simple.

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