DIY Roman Blinds

September 2, 2013



DIy Roman Blinds - Clera Windows + Doors

Every window needs some sort of covering to keep out sunlight and add a decorative touch to a room. Roman blinds are popular because they come in a variety of fabrics. There are many choices when it comes to Roman blinds, but when you desire a unique pattern or color, it may be best to make your own so you can attain your desired style.

Making your own Roman blinds can be difficult. If you opt for the old-fashioned way – with needles and thread – then the process can be long and cumbersome, especially if you’re not an expert at sewing. However, if you want to it quickly and easily, there are other options as well.

Sewing Roman Blinds

If you prefer to sew your blinds, there are a variety of materials you’ll need. These include needles, thread, fabric, dowels and a staple gun. There are three main types of Roman blinds you can make: classic, casual sheer and formal. No matter which one you choose, expect to do a lot of folding, cutting and stitching. You’ll need to do this to both the fabric and the shade liner.

The next step is to make pockets for the dowels. This can be challenging, as it requires some mathematical prowess. The pockets should be spaced at 8-12 inch intervals. Creating the bottom one is tricky. You need to divide the interval by two and add one. So if you’re adding the dowels in 10-inch intervals, then the distance from the bottom of the shade to the bottom pocket should be six inches (10 divided by 2 is 5, plus 1 equals 6).

But you’re not done yet. You’ll have to do some pinning and stitching to add the dowels and wrap the batten ends. There are numerous steps involved in the sewing process, with each one more important than the previous one.

Make Blinds the Manly Way

Who wants to spend hours sewing blinds? If needles and thread aren’t your thing, check out this YouTube video of people making Roman blinds with glue:

This four-minute video makes Roman blind creation relatively easy when compared to the process of sewing.

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