Elements of a high security steel door

January 7, 2013



Elements Of A High Security Steel Door - Clera Windows + Doors

If you want to enjoy the benefits of ultimate home security, installing a high security steel door is the way to go. These doors are made to withstand a great deal of force and are much more durable than standard wood models. Not only will they keep you and your family safe from break-ins and other threats, they are also designed to be very energy efficient.

There are a number of specific features that manufacturers put into place when making these doors; they all work in conjunction to produce a door that stands out from the rest. At Clera, we offer a number of high security steel door options, but each and every one of our products is manufactured with quality and safety in mind.

The elements of a high security steel doors

  • Installing a high security steel door replacement is made very easy, as you can use your existing wood frame
  • High quality weather stripping is installed in the frame for the ultimate seal
  • A door sill designed to keep the elements out
  • A ruggedly durable steel frame for the utmost protection
  • The surface of these doors are made to resist cracks, warping, and other external damage
  • Insulated with polyurethane foam for increased energy efficiency

When making the decision to buy a replacement high security steel door for your home, you do not need to worry about the difficulty of installation. This is because the door can be installed within your existing wood frame, which saves time and money. With Clera’s installation service, you will receive a perfect install by our highly trained technicians.

A key element of these doors is that they come equipped with very high quality weather stripping. On the back side of the door, the material offers quality compression to ensure the proper seal. On the front side, it is infused with magnetic properties to keep it in place. You never have to worry about drafts or leaks ever again.

In addition to the weather stripping, the door sill at the base of these doors is also designed to keep air and water out. Equipped with curved edges and a low-profile construction, these sills are maintenance free and of excellent quality.

The most important element in any high security steel door is its durability capabilities. At Clera, we have many quality control measures in place to make sure that our door frames can withstand even the greatest amount of pressure. Our customers buy these doors for their security and safety, so we know how important it is to deliver perfect results.

In contrast to regular steel doors, high security models are equipped with a skin that is anti-crack and warp resistant. These doors can be safely installed in any climate; they are extremely rugged and versatile. Lastly, they are filled with polyurethane foam. This makes for the ultimate energy-efficient door that will cut down your utility bills.

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