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How to Remove Paint from Wood Doors

Whether you’ve recently purchased a charming period home or simply want to enhance your property’s curb appeal by giving your front door a fresh coat of paint, you can’t proceed with this home makeover project without knowing how to properly prep the door’s surface. In this blog, we’ll teach you…
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3 Ways To Increase Your Front Door Security

For most people living in or moving into their forever-home, reinforcing security is a top priority. Keeping your house secure ensures that kids, pets and valuables all remain safe so you can have peace of mind. For that reason, securing your front door is arguably the most important area of…
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5 Front Door Trends For 2016

Your front door is central to the character of your home. It’s the first thing anyone sees approaching your property. It’s the gateway to your property, and you have every reason to spend a little bit extra to make sure you give a positive impression of everything behind it. The…
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